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Help diy e-board

hello to all
im new to this electronic skateboard
im planning to build my own DIY dual motor
but the problem is its too hard to find parts of it here in philippines

the motor available the nearest shop here is emax 4020 grand turbo (49$)
and the specs is
Weight = 8.8 ounces (250 grams)
Diameter = 1.9 inch (49.5 mm)
Motor length = 1.9 inch (47.7 mm)
Shaft = 8mm x 1.2 inch
Voltage = 12 - 26 volts (4, 5 or 6 cell Lipo)
Current = maximum of 55 amps or 1150 watts for 30 seconds
KV = 520

my target speed is 25mph/35mph

things i have
Hobbywing Seaking 60A Brushless Electronic Speed Control ESC
Venom NiMH 7.2V 3000mAh Stick Universal Plug

is this okay or do i need to buy new set of this
btw the parts im using is from my friends old rc parts he gave it to me for free

You’ll end up needing a new motor and esc. Both are too small.

i dont know what best motor out there
do anyone sells a pack perhaps
a motor with mount and pulleys and esc that would be great for me

Read the forum please…and search is helpful too

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The reason I suggested the search feature is because Enertion, DIY and Alien all offer kits. One would only need to read a little to figure that out for themselves.

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look for a motor under 300kv