Help, fault code vesc6 plus, how to fix it?

Back story is, I was doing about 35kmh in the bike lane when the board stopped and I supermaned it into the road, luck the cars stopped in time. For me just a bit of skin off the little finger :grinning: But the board had one motor fitting forward and back. I unplugged it and rode home.

I’ve checked the motors they are fine. The road was wet so the vesc were damp. The blue and green LEDs are on with the red flashing. Is there a way to reset the vesc?

Red light usually means a fault of some kind. Plug it into your computer, connect to it and then go to terminal and type faults

Or if you have the android vesc app you can also go over to terminal and type in faults. Make sure the F is lower case though, it auto capitalizes it in the mobile version

I pretty sure it’s not meant to look like this inside the vesc6 + :disappointed_relieved:

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You definitely had some water intrusion. BEST case you can take it out, take a tooth brush with some 99% rubbing alcohol and you can try to lightly clean some of the corrosion off. You might be able to save it that way, but it’s possible a component is toast. You should conformal your other one with mg chemicals 419D to make it so they won’t break if exposed to moisture.

If you don’t wanna mess with it, and just want out of it I would buy it off of you!


Check what the other side looks like. The other side is what has the more important components like the MCU and DRV. That’s some pretty bad corrosion on this side.

It looks clean Do you think cleaning up the other side with something will help

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I’ll give it a clean and put it back together and see what the fault code is. Hopefully the fault is gone . The down side of living in NZ help / repairs take time

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Yeah, you are lucky the other side of the PCB looks fine still. I would clean it with the rubbing alcohol with a brush, be sure to be light on it. And then I would plug it in, if it’s still flashing red you should go into terminal like I listed above and see what the fault it.

Your thermal pad also got torn up during disassembly, you are going to need a new silicone thermal pad before re-assembling into that case. The silver mosfets CANNOT touch the metal cause unless you wanna release all the magic smoke

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Didn’t know that, thank you. How thick does the pad need to be ? And is there a grade of silicone thermal pad needed?

I thought silicone thermal pads stopped heat transfer and the thermal grease is better for heat transfer

:frowning: still blinking red on the CAN vesc

You are gonna have to send it to the vesc wizard and see if it cAn get fixed. Or sell it as broken. It may or may not be fixable

Cheers for your help. Yeah, I’ll send it to the Dr