Help! First Longboard Build 6s Uphill


I want to build my first electric longboard. I live in Belgium And I weigh 60 kg. I have ordered a motor mount: (pattern C) + Bms (6s Lipo) + 6s adapter + a longboard + 97mm wheels After some reading, I notice that a 6s build is not good for uphill and start the board. Or can a 6s build go uphill 10% and start smooth?

The mount that i have bought can hold 5065/5055 motor. I am thinking of mount this motor: I see that the Alien 6355 has 8 mounting holes. Can i mount this on my motor mount?


I think the motor would run pretty hot if you started on a hill. You could do it, but it wouldn’t be great of the motor or the batteries. I recommend if you need to start on a hill, give the board a little nudge with your foot for take off. The larger wheels will have lower acceleration so that also effects it. Higher top speed though.

I would need to see the mount to know if it can hold the motor. I would assume so as there is the 2 main positions for mounting on the motor, but I can’t guarantee it will fit

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You will be ok…I have run similar setup (with a little lower ger ratio) and I weight 10 kgs more than you…18% hill wasnt any problem :slight_smile:

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I have read so many things. But i have read them after buying the BMS and adapter. The battery’s for a 6s board are cheaper than a 10s/12s board. What esc do you use?

VESC…the best option IMO…I tried a Maytech ESC, but the VESC is much better :slight_smile:

This is true, VESC make everything nice and controlled :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the anwers, I have maked a new topic with more information and that i can use as a build log

If you still want to go uphill with minimal power you may want smaller wheels. Bigger wheels = more speed and less torque.

I’m running 10s with a 6364 motor and can only really do gentle uphills on 83mm wheels. I am however 90kg which must slow me down a lot!

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Thanks for youre answer. I am also thinking about change my setup and go 10s with a turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-6374-168kv

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That will get you up no problem! I built a 6s board first and straight away felt like it needed more power so added some more batteries to make it 10s.

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