HELP Flipsky 6.6 plus /bound motor direct drive board not working

I’ve recently finished an electronic longboard using the v1 bound motor direct drive system and a flipsky 6.6 plus, connected to a 10s3p battery. When I went to set up the flipsky esc using the vesc tool the motors stuttered and wouldn’t turn, making an unpleasant noise during the spoolup test, so I turned off the board. Now the vesc tool won’t reconnect to the vesc if I turn the board on again because it says “access denied” as a result of being halfway through setup before having to turn the board off. What can I do? Thanks.

Umm. I think there is a possibility u bricked your esc when u disconnected it. That noise u heard is likely the same sound heard during normal foc detection. Do you have red, blue or green lights when u power on now? Good luck.

Pretty sure i still have green and blue lights, same as first time I powered it up. I should also mention that being reasonably new to this I also tried to get the motors working without programming the esc (didn’t know I had to) where they did the same thing, one didn’t respond at all and the other would stutter (not like cogging) but wouldn’t move unless I manually spun it first, where it would then continue to turn but clearly not correctly. Thanks for the suggestion.