Help for motor mount with super cheap build

Hi ive been lurking on this forum for a while now and am finally building my first esk8 I have ordered the aps-6384s BEAST which is not cheap by any means but I hope to got with an E-MTB later on so I wanted upgrade routs. the ESC will be the hobby-king Sk8 esc which is a vesc 4.12 clone that I got for just under £60 finally the important part will be the board as this is usually the big expense: it is a twobarefeet drop DOWN long-board (not thru) and i have to say i like the look of it a lot BUUUT its 42 quid including shipping so we will see if it lives now this brings me to the point of this post i was going to get a set of caliber ii but i have found out that the trucks seem to have a profile that would suit a motor mount. problem being i don’t know what mount would fit it. i am more then capable of modelling one to 3d print but i am lazy and i don’t want to put the work in if someone else has already done it. (not to mention an aluminium mount is stronger and with a motor that size that will be a factor)truck%20dimentions

this is what I started with and if it seems close to any mounts you have seen please let me know. thx tom

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@dickyho has extremely affordable mounts for a basic build

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Hi Tom, welcome!

You might want to lurk longer around here. You just ordered the truck with the biggest choice of motor mounts which are discussed here pretty much every day. If you got the skill and tools, I encourage you to make your own mount, and post it for us to see :beers:

Edit : And yea, Skunk is right!

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I don’t know if it’s a thing only where I live but Facebook Marketplace always has 10 to 20 longboards for sale. Half of which seem to always have Paris or caliber trucks (the two main set of trucks esk8 seems to use) I’ve never paid Moe then $40 for a complete deck, no delivery fees needed

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well its the shitty cloned truck that came with the board (i was surprised they were not cast round ones that are renowned for snapping) so i was wondering if the dimensions were the same as the caliber ones (i know they have the most mounts)

i was going to do a test print too see how my basic design fitted before worrying about extending out actual motor mount motor%20mount


where I live in the uk you get crucified for any longboard prices talking like £30 a single used truck

and all the amazon ones charge import duty from USA

EDIT: those mounts look sweet btw

Damn… Is person to person shipping any better?

You might want to have a look at this picture and compare

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True story, longboards are stupid expensive here!

tru dat I would have been happy with a deck for anything less then £70

that sucks. I can buy complete boards that have only been used to carry 100lb blond girls to class for two months at 2mph for $20 just about any day of the week

Are the customs taxe any better if you bought something from a private seller internationally? I might have a deck or be able to find one if shipping isn’t hell

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ehh i will wait till i fall through this one before looking at other options as i will probs go MTB next but thanks for the offer

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No problem. I’ve pretty much given away 4 decks in the past 2 months. One I got for $7… College kids in this town buy them like thier disposal.

Can I take your offer up? Haha

Send me a pm. See what we can do. @Vanarian

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I would go for this VESC

Caliber Trucks

hmm, i live in the UK, the facebook group is great. I got my caliber trucks for £25 with otang bushings. Occasionally you can find a decent deck for around £30 too.

@Tbeg if you havent bought that deck yet take a look at

ahhh shucks ive already got the board hence the question about motor mounts

and again for the esc i looked at the flipside one a while ago but it was more expensive then and i had already got the HK one for an e bike i was doing.

but thanks for the input i will remember both of those for my next build

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I’m running two HK sk8 vescs and have been for 2 months with no problems at all. They are running the latest firmware too.

This has a caliber option and is cheap. Can’t speak for the quality though but you never know. You can be the guinea pig here! lol

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just ordered one

we shall see how this goes I have to say though i do like the idler pulley option it seems solid and will increase the wrap angle of the motor pulley by a fair amount