Help guys :) Regen braking is not working properly on my scooter

I have thumb throttle for regen braking ( GNR 3,3v and ADC2). It works but cutsoff after a second and i have to release and push it agen and ofcourse the same agen it just cutsoff agen. It’s my second vesc (stormcore D100) other motors other battery and the same problem. Regen braking is sett to just 20amps/motor and total regen amps is 60. May be some one nows where is the problem. I’m shore it’s in settings in vesc tool just can’t get it what or where to look.

First, check the ESCs for faults.


Is your BMS cutting off charge? Are you discharging through a BMS or around it? Upload photos of the wiring if unsure.

Is it a DIY vehicle or a manufacturer’s offering?

Of Course it’s DIY :slight_smile: It’s all good with wiring and with vesc. Like i said it’s second vesc and new motors and battery and the same problem. Yes the battery have the BMS. If i lowering the regen amps to like 10a it’s the same problam. I found one topic there guys tolks about it and many have the same problem. Seems it’s not enought of capacity of capacitors

Change “Absolute Maximum Current” to the maximum value it will allow you to store for that hardware.

I tried it no results :slight_smile:

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