HELP! Hobby King Build Single Motor

Deck - is something like this

Trucks - Caliber II 50

Motor - Sk8 6374 190kv

Speed Controller - Sk8 ESC

Mount - Turnigy Skateboard Conversion Kit Mount

Pulley - Turnigy Skateboard Conversion Kit Pulley Set 15/36T

Battery - 2 x 5s 5000 mah in Series

Wheels - 90mm ABEC Clones

Remote: HK G2TB

ESC Settings: Ackmaniac Firmware

FOC Motor Max: 60A Motor Min: -60A Batt Max: 30A Batt Min: -15A

Rider: 205lbs

It runs and it’s ride-able. It feels though it doesn’t have much power. Acceleration leaves you wanting for more. And it seems to have difficulty going up even the slightest incline. Is this normal for a single drive setup? The roads are wet though and the wheel might be slipping so I’m thinking this could be the case.

Just for comparison’s sake, my first build is a DIY Ebay 90mm dual hub + ebay esc combo with LiPo batteries and I’ve had no problems with it on wet roads and going uphill. Although, yeah, it’s dual motors. I was expecting though that a single 6374 belt drive would smoke the dual hub away.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this normal for a single drive, wet road and rider weight?

you can increase batt max to about 60amp motor to 70amp. batt min also can be -20 try that. Since you are using hobbyking vesc I do not know the max amp draw for the set up, it is conservative suggestion.

And you are a heavy class rider. Dual would be more appropriate.

also try BLDC, instead. I think it has slightly have more kick. Also FOC heats up the vesc more so for single it is a bit risky.

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I will try BLDC and increase max amp. Hopefully it makes an improvement.

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Tried BLDC, during motor detection, magic smoke… is this dead?

how? what kind of motor detection you did to kill with smoke?.. we have @JohnnyMeduse here, he can fix most of vesc. show him picture of drv and detection setting.


It said “Detection Failed”. It made a sound then sparky sparky smoky smokey

it is possible your motor have been shorted. in any case you should’ve use the detection wizard. please talk to johhny, if your vesc is burned in anyways. I’m sorry to hear this.

Yeah I used the wizard. I was at that point oin the wizard when it happened. I think it is the chip that got burned. Blue and other light still blinking but no more red light.

It’s not cost effective to send this for repair from where I am in the world… damn…

I’d say the motor shorted or phase leads did. Anyway I would ask HobbyKing about a refund, as they told me it has a 1 year warranty

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