HELP! How do i make a 8s4p li-ion battery?

I need help on making a 8s4p battery with 18650 samsung batteries for my first build. Ive watched hundreds of videos on making a diy 18650 battery pack but i still dont quite get on how to wire and solder the balance lead to the pack. I know that i have to make 4 8s pack in series and join them up in parallel. I havent found any videos on specifically 8s4p batteries so it would be nice if someone helps me make this. I also wanna see a full schematic of a of 8s4p with a bms because its i cant find one anywhere and it would really help a lot

I did a pack like this a while back what format for the cells?

What do you mean?

What do you mean by format the cells?

If I may, I think he means the layout you desire. Can you show us a diagram or sketch. Do you already have an enclosure to work with?


Im going to use a enertion space cell enclosure