Help identify sensor-connector type on Diyeboards esc


i was going to try and add a sensor to an unsensored motor so i bought a couple of hall sensors from alienpowersystem:

But of course the connector was different on the ESC, and i need help identifying it.

Its the one on the ESC i would like, from this one:

Have been looking at JST-connectors but there’s a lot of them, anyone who knows what model i need? I measured the connector on the inside, it’s 4mm in height, 10,7mm width and the pins are 2mm apart.

Search eBay for jst 2.0 and just find the right number of pins and male/female. It should be easy to find jst connectors are fairly standard.

P.S. I think those sensors boards are meant for APS motors, because of design, but maybe you will be able to adapt them.

Ok, its that easy? I thought it was a lot of different jst connectors, but thanks, will do!

Yeah i figured, but i epoxied it to a stator of an unsensored motor i had picked apart, it’s more of a fun test to see if it works…

It will work, I have modified a couple of motors this way. I even just glued some sensors between the stator teeth and it worked nicely.

There is many jst connectors for example with locks etc but these are the standard type

That should be JST-PH

Thank you, made the search easier.

Hi, did you figure it out how to connect them? I would be interested in knowing which is the pin order on the ESC for the sensor cable. I know you should have 5 cables and it is importat to place correctly the 5v and the ground ones (usally red and black, but I want to be sure). Thx for the help!

Hi, no I did end up switching the esc for a couple of vescs i already had.

The order was easy, the first and last was 5V and gnd, the other three where marked.

But I think the problem was that the diyeboard esc had different angled phase sensors so it did not sense my motors.

That’s why the vesc, there you can adjust for that.

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Thanks for the information. You said the other three were marked but where you see the order for the green, blue and yellow? If you can post a picture about it would help a lot! Thx

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Order of sensors didn’t matter for mine, just plugged in and it ran, if a motor is spinning the wrong direction switch two phase wires

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I though that also the sensor wires as to be ordered based on the phase wire. Othersiwe how can they now which sensor is ocnnected with what?

They where marked on the esc and on the sensor-boards I got from alienpowersystems.

The motors worked but they where not sensored, and where still stuttering on startup.

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I just kept the same order the 6 pin connector had when switching to 5 pin and kept phase leads in order 1,2,3 left to right and kept the order coming out of the esc , just worked

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By the pictures available online I can not read a thing on the ESC. Would you mind to take a picture of the ESC where you can see it? The reason why of that is bacause I need to link the sensor wire to a VESC. Thx

Hi, these are two pictures of the ESC, one where you see the markings and one with the sensor connector from a diyebord-motor (90mm hub motor) plugged in.

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Awesome! Thanks a lot…

received_1032833796903176 received_383139185605628 what jst connector is that?