Help identify Vesc version

Guys, i been off the forum for 2 years now, and im starting a 2nd build and im trying to re use as many parts from the 1st build as possible, and the most expensive hardware is the ESC, i have a ollin Vesc bought sometime late 16’ all i know is i paid $170 with the heat sink installed, and since this time around im going with a dual motor i would like i need another one, and for aesthetics i want to look the same as the one i have, maybe @chaka can help me out here 20190427_220255 20190427_220302 20190427_220312

Ibwas able to find this in my email but still dont say version or details

Vedder’s Speed Controller - With 4mm Bullet Connectors on Motor & 5.5mm on Battery Cables $170.00 USD 1 $170.00 USD
Vedder’s Speed Controller - Heat Sink Package $15.00 USD 1 $15.00 USD

This could have been done via pm in totality. Getting a bit cluttered up in here lately so in future please keep your specific enquiries to the specific person it involves. ie @chaka

I understand, i assume that since i was gone for so long and i knew of the existence of newer versions this vesc os no longer for sale and maybe someone had one for sale or could point me in the right direction

You’ll have to upgrade that vesc as it’s a 4.11

It’s a V4.12 VESC but it will work with any other vesc in a dual drive.

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