Help Identifying these batteries?

So i got a battery pack of Craigslist for cheap, 60 for 40$, they looked in fairly good condition and i wanted to see if i could repurpose them. The label says SE US18650V T V112XTA19G (Sony, but i can’t find the specific model). Heres a pic

Any help in identifying would be greatly appreciated.

Whoops was looking at wrong model, heres some info, they are laptop cells

Make/Model: Sony US18650V Capacity: 1600mAh Nominal Voltage: 3.70v Charge Voltage: 4.20v Charge Current: 320mA (Std.) Discharge Voltage: 2.50v Discharge Current: 320mA (Std.) Wrap Color: Green Ring Color: Black


Yeah, good for a power bank and not much else. Low discharge, low capacity. Probably old stock too, so they probably don’t even hit 1600mah.

RIP, thanks for the info, well i atleast have some batteries to mess around with :’(. Weird because they were sold to me in a 10S6P config, wonder what they were used for b4 . . .

To power something weak for a short a time… Lol

Wait, according to this link they can push up to 20A, but still tiny capacity . … 1.6Ah

“measured at 2A to 3V 1443mAh”

At 20A you would get a few minutes of use…maybe lol 10% loss at 2A

True, im gunna use them for testing untill i can actually order my batteries

Tip: Avoid having your board burn to the ground. Don’t buy batteries for Eboard on eBay. Get them from a reputable company like

yeah, i figured for 40$ they were not gunna be amazing, but the guy said he had no idea what they were from or anything about them, figured it might be worth it, came out to 0.75 canadian pesos per cell. Liion wholesale is where im planning to get Samsung 30q;s for my 12S4P build.

Any idea if alibaba or aliexpress is reputable in this case? or should i just stick with liion?

the 30Q’s have a good reputation with builders on this forum.

Stick with Liionwholesale. I ordered a bunch of batteries from them once. They shipped them in a priority mail envelope. The envelope was delivered by the mail man torn and empty. Someone at the post office prob stole the batteries for their vape mod. they where 26650’s I called liionwholesale and told them and they just shipped another batch of batteries to me on the spot.

Also, any idea where i can get a good BMS, i wanted a Bestech, but it;s kinda steep to buy 2, money is kinda strapped (slightly over budget on this build :stuck_out_tongue:)

@flywithgriff had one for 10s for sale

I have a 10s lipo build pack, as well as a 10s BMS for it from Bestech.

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A fellow AvE watcher, eh? Gotta love them Canadian Pesos.

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AvE is beautiful (And i adore his content), but i first heard it from Linus Tech Tips a couple years back when the dollar crashed