Help in Socal🙏🏼 10s charger

Im visiting long beach from Sd and forgot my charger for my 10s li ion battery …:confounded:… any chance i could buy a charger or rent one for a few hours from someone near by?. I can drive to u sat evening or Sunday morning. I really want to ride while im here.

I do not have one to offer but maybe the community has one. So I will ask this.

Your charge cable is one of these, correct?

I’m in Redondo Beach, probably 40-50 minutes north. You can borrow 10s charger if you’ll return it…

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Id gladly return the same day! Maybe pick it up late tonight or early tomorrow and return it sun afternoon

What time tonight or tomorrow are you thinking?

When ever your free… between 11 and 1 ok?

I’m probably headed to the beach, so around 11am would work…

My man! Will hit you up around 10 am to confirm a location… I really appreciate this…your saving my weekend

No worries, happy to help. Yep, shoot me a pm around 10am to confirm and I’ll send you my address.

Forgot to ask, what charge port do you have?

The one pictured above… not too sure on actual size

So that looks like a 5.5mm (outer diameter) x 2.5mm (inner diameter) barrel plug, which could be a problem, I think my 10s chargers are 5.5mm x 2.1mm. Can you send a pic of your charge port?

5.5 2.5 I believe :confounded:

Let me look tomorrow morning and get back to you. I might be able to cook up a solution.

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Any luck with locating a 2.5 plug? I was looking for an adapter but all of them ar for online delivery… if not possible, I still thank u for your effort!!! Guess i gotta work on the other board and try to finish it if i want to ride

I just confirmed, my 10s chargers are all 5.5x2.1 however I do have an extra 5.5x2.5 barrel plug I can swap in. Can you be up in Redondo by 11am?

Sure can. Just pm me an address

I’m assuming your charge port is wired with the center pin +…

image waze says be there in 25 min

I forgot to mention that I left your charger in a white plastic bag in front of your house around 2pm. Thanks again!

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