HELP : just got my build on the road and no power :/

Ok thanks guys/gals so far for all your help. I finally got the final parts and got a chance to ride the board today… I was only able to hit 8mph and the battery is fully charged. I have a 10s5p 30q cell custom with 2 focboxs. When I plug the battery meter to the battery it shows full charge

The iOS app only shows 30-31 volts

Here is my focbox setup

Only thing I can think is my battery cutoff start is being triggered but I don’t understand how if I have full battery… and I thought full battery is 42volts

Obviously I’m super new to this but thanks again for any help… here are a few pics of my build

Check voltage coming from battery. Sounds like it’s dead

Nice looking board

I think your Meter might not be calibrated for this type of battery.

here is what you need to do:



Also if you have a battery charger with a light on it try letting it stay on the charger for a little extra time as the batteries are still trying to balance


You are 100% correct… I just went and bought a multimeter and the battery meter was not calibrated correctly… sucks… I thought it was fully charged… now I have to wait even longer lol

thanks buddy…

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Yeah, the battery is low… I didn’t know I had to calibrate the meter… and thanks for the compliment… it is pretty much exactly what I was wanting to do and can’t wait to ride!