HELP ME! Are my parts compatible?

So I bought a Boosted Board (Stealth) as my first ever electric skateboard, and absolutely love it - however the 24 mph top speed has me feeling a little bit slow after riding it for awhile, so i’m looking to make my own (faster) board.

If anybody that know’s what they’re doing could check the parts I have planned out to make sure the’re compatible and will give the results i seek, that would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Deck - Landyachtz Switchblade 40"

Battery - 12s4p (30Q)

ESC - Focbox Unity

Motors (2x) - 6374 190Kv

Would these parts give me a high top speed - along with a good range? What could I expect out of a board with these parts?

Sidenote: If anybody has any goodlooking, sleek remotes that would be compatible with the focbox I plan on using, please let me know!


All parts are compatible and you can go up to 40mph with that setup

Could you approximate the range for it? I would try to make a best guess but I have no clue as the only other board i’ve used is the consumer Boosted Sealth

Pretty much everything i used in my build

Max speed is highly dependant on wheel size and gearing ratio.

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Ah thank you so much! Very nice build BTW


I used this calculator to estimate top speeds and range. Put in all your info, including wheel size and gearing ratio as that influences top speed.

i think @eboosted is making a enclosure for the switchblade

How quickly do you want the new build to be ready? Check the unity delivery thread for details on delays. Looks like there is a 6 month delay between order and delivery.

lol if he desperate enough:

@tardyparty7 I already contacted him about the custom enclosures he was planning on making. I switched my deck from the 42" landyachtz (forget the name) to the switchblade so that I don’t need to deal with the hassle of “universal” enclosures fitting on any deck I choose. Thank you :slight_smile:

@telnoi I noticed the delays on the store. I contacted customer support and they said it would probably ship late june if i were to order it today (That thread was probably just an anomaly in their shipping process) This is probably also going to be the first part of the build I’ll order.


I might have the deck here with me in a couple of weeks and I’ll start the development


History has proven that these delays are typically not an anomaly. I hope you’re right though and you would indeed be in the 3rd batch.

Hopefully. I’ll contact them once more before I purchase it and if it’s going to be terribly delayed i’ll buy from a re-seller or the one you linked earlier.