Help me fix my Firefly Remote

Hello, i recently finally assembled my first Firefly remote but i have a problem: when i’m in vesc tool App/PPM/Mapping tab i see a Pulselenght between ~ min1,2ms and max1,7ms. when i drop connection to the transmitter it goes to max1,7ms.Now my question is, how can i make it center on a tx dropout? can i make the pulsewidth wider?

The remote also shows a strange behavior, my hall sensors reads a voltage between 0V and 5V. But i only get a pulsewidth on the receiver from 1,2ms(@ 0V) to 1,7ms(@ 2,5V), between 2,5V and 5V there is no change in pulsewidth.

I’m a bit of a retard… i have to press and hold the button to allow positive throttle…