Help me out please

I had a bms and 2 lipos and had done a lot of research as well as @Namasaki helping me all the way. At the last stem after hours trying to do it, with his help I did it. Then I tried wiring the mains in series so I don’t have to use my harness, and I screwed up:frowning:. I connected the balance leads and fried my bms. I have tried so hard on this project and have spent way too much money on it. I’ve beem through 2 vescs and 3 motors, and now destroyed my first bms. @scepterr generously gave me an offer to sel me his 12s bms for $30 and even wire up everything for me for $25. Great offer, really appreciate it. The problem is, I am way over my budget and I need $80 to pay him. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate his help tremendously and understand that he gave me a fabulous offer. However I’m only 15 and I used money from working at a camp to fund this project, and I didn’t expect so many things to go wrong and spend so much money on this project. My first vesc blew its drv and my 1st motor came shorted. I bought another vesc and motor and it worked for a few days and thank something got stuck in the motor and i had to buy another one. @torqueboards generously gave me a motor for $80 shipped. I would appreciate any donations so I can have my batteries finished and start boarding around. This is my link:

Any amount is greatly appreciated!

And thanks to everyone on this forum who have been so helpful through this crazy journey :wink:. Special shout out to @scepterr, @Namasaki and everyone else who replied to my threads.

Hopefully once I finish this project, I will return the favor and really try to answer more questions on this awesome forum. Thanks so much in advance!

are you asking people to dump $80 into your paypal?


No I am looking to reach a goal of $50, not just from one person. I will keep updating until i got $50

It seems you actually could have saved money at this point by having somebody build it for you


I know, but the truth is, I learned a lot and I am having fun building it (not when anything breaks :grinning:)

I don’t think this is the best procedure to get :moneybag:, how about fund yourself working? Maybe your daddy can help you out.


He’s already given me some.

You’ve go some balls for asking for help at your age…I respect that, however when I was your age I would be shoveling driveways, babysitting, detailing cars, etc…Grab a shovel boy, you’ve got a long road ahead of you

Also you’ll probably have better luck looking to trade/sell something you own. I realize this may seem a bit harsh to you, however an esk8 is a luxury and not like a doctors visit/food (necessities). So sell your PlayStation/XBox, bike, camera, etc and you’ll be there in no time




We’ve only had 1 storm this winter

No argument there though

dude. that’s a horrible excuse. there are plenty of other ways to make money at our age.


Listen, I’m not trying to make excuses for anything, I’m just asking. No one is forced to do anything.

Every town/city has a street corner in the “rough” areas…how bad do you really want that esk8/$80?


Very bad. I’ve been doing this since July of last year.

I’ve started already but not making too much because I don’t own a PlayStation or Xbox or camera.

Also why not just get the eBay/meepo 10s2p on eBay for about $40? You’re not that desperate…,be a little bit more resourceful son…Google is your friend…use it


Deal some things on the corner, im not thinking about drugs, like cars n stuff


I already have the lipos

So you don’t own a single item you could live without that’s worth $80? I’m not trying to poor-shame you as we’ve probably all been there at one point or another, especially in our teenage years/young adult but you’re going to need to try a little harder buddy. I’ve got $80 for you right here. What do have to sell/trade?