Help me with esc choice

i am building steath esk8… those airless hubs, 30A max per motor… i am looking for a esc. i heard the skullboard esc has weak start up… the 2 choice i have are: diyeboard esc, wich has included remote… or flipksy dual 4,20 vesc. without remote… fliskpy is more expensive and no remote included but it has better currents stats… what should i do

if you want stealth you want a esc that can run foc to remove sounds from motor

the esc from diyeboard is foc… i dont know what flipksy vesc can do. but evry vesc can run foc i think

is it worth buying flipsky?? it costs 60 dollar more and no remote included…

the diyeboard is not a VESC. While it technically does FOC its not configurable and still makes a significant amount of noise.


okay that is good to know! :slight_smile: i gues flipksy dual vesc it is than?? :stuck_out_tongue:

than first i want to look for a good remote…

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any advice for remote than?? :slight_smile:

benwheel or maytech, hoyt if you dont mind the cost

If you prefer trigger style a simple mini RC remote wont let you down either.

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The question not yet answered about the airless hub wheels is if the slow acceleration is because of the cheap ESC, or because of a motor limitation.

Obviously VESC has to be better than ESC, but I have not seen any tests showing how far you can push those hubs before overheating.

okay! also thanks! i stil want to make the cost low… so i think dual 4.20 vesc flipsky is a good option??

gr sam

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If you don’t need more power, yes flipsky vesc will work.

motors can only run 30A each so flipsky vesc 4.20 is a good option i think unless people say it isnt good

Flipsky 4.2 dual is pretty new and only a few have used it. What i learned so far is it’s not recommended for 12s. For 10s it seems fine. To my understanding either bldc or Foc works as long as it’s 10s. But, more reports will be revealing. I have one on the groupbuy order exactly to mate with Skullboard hubs. I think the amp ratings are generous for those hubs, but no one actually tried. So, we’ll see. But if it works as well as focbox I can tell you it’s a nice ride with decent torque and and hill climbing. Power feels comparable to my boosted v2 dual +. Heat hasn’t been a problem so far even during long hill climbs.