Help me with the lou board's wooden deck!

hello everyone,

my wooden deck of lou 3.0 was damaged for a while.

couldn’t find any one provided in the world, also asked soflow…

is there any chance that a store has it in stock, or someone likes to sell his own wooden deck?

appreciate for your kind help.

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Do you have the broken one? Do you have a photo of the broken one? What country are you inside of?

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hello. i now stay in taiwan. unfortunately i don’t have the photo of the broken one. it was messed up by the repairman.

do u have the wooden deck to sell?

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I don’t, but this information helps you find help. Depending on the answers I may or may not have suggested certain things.

any idea that if i keep the 10s1p battery configuration but replace the 18650 cells with 21700 ones, should i replace the stock bms?

A 10s bms can be kept for 10s 21700 cells since the voltage charge is still 42v max charge. It’s only when you have a different type of voltage that the bms has to change.

Example: 12s needs a 12s bms.

yes. i thought so. thanks for comfirming this. just read about some guy did the same battery replacing thing and got another bms bypassed.

Yes, make sure you bypass your bms so that you only use it as a charger only. It’s safer than discharging via bms since some bms will lock up at higher voltage.

so i don’t have to do anything with the stock bms in the lou board 3.0 battery pack, just change the battery cells from 18650 to 21700, right? just to make sure.

You are changing the battery yes, but when you do that, do not connect the discharge wire to the bms. Just connect it to the XT connector instead. Then use the bms charging wires and solder them to the battery positive side for charge only.

That’s all you need to do. Do note that some bms will need to be soldered in the voltage order for charging to work. I had this issue and had to re-solder the wire to where it goes for it to charge.

Like so. This was before I properly covered and neat cleaned my wires. If you see a black and blue wire, that will go to the negative side of the battery, the same for the discharge wire.

they’re all your batteries for lou board? amazing… the bms is not the stock one, right?

Correct. I had to change it because the stock one I had broke. This battery However, is a 10s5p. It’s the same idea in your case.

10s5p? which type of batteries do u take? aren’t they too heavy?

Currently using the lamest battery atm, samsung 35E… And yes it’s heavy. My battery is a 10s10p for my electric mountain board.

any chance that a store or someone can sell me the wooden deck?**

any chance that a store or someone can sell me the wooden deck?

anyone sell me the wooden deck of lou board?