Help me with the project! Racerstar 5065 BRH5065 140KV 6-12S BEST ESC and Battery

Hi There!!

My name is Thamer and I recently bought one of this Racestar motor: (

I am very confused about what ESC should I use in this project, as well what battery should I choose. I just bought the motor because of the recomendations on this topic: (

Please help me finding the best choice. I bought just one of these motors(140 KV), however I wanna upgrade in the future adding another motor to the project.

Anyone can say the best double ESC with power switch and plugs for the sensored motor!!, batteries with bms, controllers and things like that for me??

Sorry about my english, I am trying to improve this hahaha

Thanks for your help!! Grettings from Brazil!!

hey thamer, check our page, you can find everything you want!