HELP- motors touching deck low ground clearance

as the title says, my motor mount is hitting the ground on small potholes or even hitting the deck when i try to turn.

any ideas on how to fix?image image image image image

if you put motor under neath the deck, you need a truck riser else you get motor bite. your motor mount is exceptionally large, so you might want to have it mounted outward the deck. as for motor mount have low clearance, you want to get larger wheels.

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I run my motors the same way and I run 6880 motors so they are rediculusly huge and hit the deck on both sides when turning so I used my Dremel tool and routed out a pocket where the motor was hitting the deck. You could also file down your mount a bit and round off that corner that’s hitting without making much difference in strength looking at your mounts.

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More risers or reverse mount. (Possibility both) Bigger wheels can help a bit too.

Also, you should put washers on the wheel pulleys.

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thanks i don’t have any washers tho any idea where i can buy just the washers?

damn, i just bought these wheels off someone :joy: wanted that boosted look and feel.

i’ll try reverse mount hopefully that works tomorrow