Help! my board isn't working

i took my board out today and something weird started happening. whenever i step on the board the remote doesn’t seem to work and sometimes it will work for 2 seconds then stop again. when there is no load on the board it works just fine. what could this be?

what’s your setup? we need more details

i have a 8s lipo connected to a diyelectricskateboard power switch. im running the vesc and a torqueboards 230kv motor and remote

Wiring is kind of messy but everything looks to be connected

Re-check that all phase wires are connected

I’m new to all this wiring, what wires are the phase wires?

The bullet connectors from the motor to the esc

What are your VESC setting.

Bullets from ESC to motor look good

Put the ERPM max at around 70000, and also what is your battery setup.

Have you dropped the remote?

yes haha not super hard but its been in my hand when i fell

8s lipo, well its two 4s in series 5000mAh

why would this help?

Could be the remote…

Try to run it again and shake the remote and see if that does something to the throttle as you are pulling the trigger

It prevent de VESC from burning… And also try to put you motor max at around 60A

But did you physically look at the connections make sure they are secure?

yes i checked the connections, what else would i be looming at? they are connected and nothing is touching them

Is your belt OK ? maybe it’s slipping without making any noise