Help My Supower BMS E-Switch Doesn't Work!

Yeah, I tried that earlier today but it didn’t work :frowning:

Honestly, I would take whatever Supower says/claims with a grain of salt

For example, they say the BMS has “balancing function”, but it can’t actually balance my pack. It is still useful because it provides under- and over-voltage protection at the individual cell level. But the balancing is nonexistent. And I would not trust their “e-switch”


Whaaaat really? I bought it for that reason… I might just order one from Bestech and call it a day.

I will let @jmasta answer to that… but i heard some powersupplies cut off power, when the balancing should start, since the balancing action happens at the very end of the charge.

@NickTheDude I would then follow his advice and try what he suggested.

Though you need to find the same mosfet path as he had found and bridge it to the output (battery terminal) directly I believe…

Havent done this myself, but probably wait till @Fabian287 can explain this procedure better… unless u really know your thing with bms and mosfets :smiley:

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Wait, if it provide the over voltage it balancea, Right? The Bms put every cell as 4.2, so it is balancing, or not?

I have the 10S 60A and it balances my 10S6P pack fine. Been using it for about 6 months

Can you please send me some detailed pictures from all sides? So i can mark you where you have to conect them. The problem is that the BMS dont previde enought power to activate the mosfets. So by connecting the two wires the discharge mosfets will be activate because now there is the power from the discharge and from the charge mosfets = activation Power x2.

Sry for my English im german

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If you need a closeup of anything in particular let me know. Thanks!

can you take a picture from under?

@NickTheDude time for a brush-up on those soldering skills - those connections look like they’ll break off the first bump you hit

For me the look fine. The mosfets are soldered from the backside.

@anorak234 yeah I’ll definitely re do them later, I just wanted to be able to test it out quickly.

can you check if all the marked pins are all conected together? So all orange and all blue. I cant see it good. Normaly that is right.

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Having a problem where the voltage is not fully switching off as well . Under load the voltage drops near zero when switching the BMS off, unloaded it sits around 33 volts. This is the second supower bms ive had which has done this. :frowning: thought i had messed up with too much heat soldering first time. This time I was very careful. Should those fet pins be connected?

Cell 10 also was charged to 4.7 volts, all others 4.1 to 4.2 volts. 42.5 volts coming from that, now binned, charger

I thought I would share this here as well to see if anyone had any thoughts on the switch.

E-switch on BMS:

**** Edit **** It didn’t work.

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