Help name these decks

I am in the process of naming the decks as a way to distinguish between each one and every deck needs a name.

First is this drop down top mount deck. image My wife’s family came up with The Off-Shore, The Charter and The Low Tide. I like the low tide but it doesn’t give me that warm fuzzy feeling that makes me think yes that is it.

Second deck that needs a name is a fishtail style cruiser that resembles a 80’s/early 90’s deck. image

  1. Drop down The “Situation” King Tide

  2. Fish Finding Nemo Mackerel


I like @ethel’s king tide for the first one, but I think Nuke for the second

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first one is the corn dog second is the akhlut

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Funny you mention corn dog because my one sister in law was calling it the corn on the cob

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so that’s settled then :grin:

My dude! I was about to suggest this exact title. Clearly a good answer

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Drop down: brutal hangover Fish: sudden erection


Droppy Mac Downie and FishyOl’Fish

The Double Paddle


Fresh Fish

  1. Minnesota Mauler
  2. Insolent Minx

#2 looks like the silhouette of a bomb. So how about:

  • Buster
  • Napalm
  • Scud
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I think the double paddle may have to be it’s name cause the pintail that I have is called the paddle out.

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  1. Wood board
  2. Smaller wood board

This isn’t an American only forum bud, and even then some people still didn’t agree with it. Let’s just leave it at bomb or nuke and not get specific


First one “Double dipper”

Second one - The Grouper or baby shark lol

Then if we are going to war:

  1. Durandal
  2. Xue
  • thats like in france Roland’s sword, used today to name an airstrip buster bomb; and pre colombian goddes used to name a freefall bomb.
  1. Dropstick Murphy
  2. Bomboozler