Help! need to replace cheap ESC controller! any ideas?

Hello everyone so over the last few days I have lost my controller to my eskate. Its a cheap ESC found on ebay here.and I need direction on how to go by replacing it. I don’t really have 60 dollars right now but if I did id go buy a dual motor vesc so I could replace the remote easily. please help I wanna get back on the road again.

save up for a proper controller, dont cheap out.

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Assuming you meant you lost your remote, you can buy those separately and then bind to your ESC. There are a few different versions that you can use, commonly called V5, V6, V7. You can use any of these.

While not the most reputable shop, they seem to be the cheapest here:

You might find them from other sources for cheaper or faster postage.

And here is a guide on how to bind it to your ESC:

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Hey bud, sorry to hear that.

Just as a heads up. My experience has been - with a similar ESC - I could not get any other remote to bind to it. Maybe you will have better luck, but be aware… If you buy another remote, It may not bind…

Thanks for the info everyone. Im going to talk to the vendor i got it from. He mentioned he can sell me a replacement. If not im going to over hual my board sense it needs to be rebuilt anyways.

I want mine to look like a nice custom one and this esc wont do for me personally. I just wanted to save some money instead of having to rebuild.

Well here is an update on whats going on. I talked to the vendor who sold me the ESC and has shipped me out a new one from Hong Kong. I got it today but the only bad news is one of my lipos cells have died. so I am currently unable to address it right now. I will do so in the future and update this thread

I was able to get the remote to bind to the ESC once I fully charged both. I am making one last ride before I dispose of the lipo’s there not in the best shape but I think I have one more ride around the neighborhood before it can be put up. anyways thanks for all the help guys