[HELP NEEDED] Battery Switch problem with my 12S5P

Hello there

I recently bought a battery from eskating and after 2 days the power switch stopped working for no reason. I tried spare switch I had and nothing changes. The battery stays ON all the time as well as the VESC etc…

Alberto kindly sent me an antispark and I don’t know how to set it up I have only this switch with 4 cables when his PCB has 5 cables

Do you think the problem come from the BMS ? I can’t figure out how to use the antispark and I think I would like to just find a solution with the original power switch since there is c’early not enough room for that huge antispark.

Thanks for the help

Upload pictures of everything

I have literally no clue. Do u think it’s the BMS ?

Sounds like the E-switch is broken and stuck in on position. This has been a common problem with external E-switches

Never had this problem with other batteries. What should I do then ? There’s no way to fix this ?

Is the E-switch built into the bms or a separate board.

Built in the BMS i think

If the on/off button connects to the bms, then it is built in and you will have to replace the bms. If the battery is under warranty, contact the manufacturer. First trace the wires back to the bms and look for the wires shorting together anywhere. This would also cause the board to stay on.