Help needed for battery order on Hobbyking (EU)

Hey guys, I have a little problem:

I want to buy a few of these LiPo batteries

When I estimate the shipping costs and everything Hobbyking says it can ship to me etc. 13

But when I enter everything in the order (so postal code too) it says Hobbyking cant ship to me… (I used the correct postal code) 45

Does anyone have experience with this?? What do I need to do?

Hey Boris, you have to choose what’s is available in EU warehouse. Anyway always recommend avoid lipos. Liions could be a bit more expensive at the beginning but they last more and they are safer.

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They are not safer, but the do last longer…why people keep saying this I don’t know :frowning:


I don’t know about that… Just search fire in the forum, first 4 results all Li-Ions :slight_smile:


Just for the packing they are safer, i like lipos, don’t get me wrong the power delivery is awesome. But again you have to be more carefully about overcharging, overdischarging, storing… they are more sensitive. But yeah colors and options for all.

If we could know the percentages of users with lipo and liions it will be nice, just for science.

I know, was just a tease. But don’t generalize yourself either without the data.

Assuming you use a BMS on the lipo pack, just like most people use on a li-ion pack, I don’t see how the lipo is more likely to catch fire. I wish someone would explain it to me.

From my experience here’s the main difference… Lipo’s have much fewer charge cycles Li-ion’s are much more expensive Lipo’s deliver more amps Li-ion’s deliver more voltage
…that’s it.

I mostly use li-ion packs now, specifically 30q’s. The main reason for that is I can afford it now. When I started this downward spiral of esk8 building I was broke as a joke. :grinning:


Okay thank you for the answer, I will look for that rn on hobbyking. I am looking at to see how much it will cost me extra

Maybe you already know the data, usually the beginners are using more lipos because of the price, later they will go to liions. Also jonkytorquey’s are using lipos for extreme power, like evoheyax l, but don’t think to many people.

The only reason people say lipos are more dangerous is the packaging… The chemistry is just the same

Ah damn, 1 hour ago the batteries where €12,… and now they are €18,… haha. By the way @Surfer your tip worked, just had to select the right warehouse! I still think I am going to use the LiPo’s because of cost: LiPo is €39.34 and Lion is > €91.2 sadly enough…

For my second build, with hopefully your parts, I will use Lion :wink:

I started with lipos also, and they perform awesome, just a bit of love with them and that’s it. I think all my problems with batteries comes with my nightmares burning down my house. :rofl::rofl:

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Yeah I have also that nightmare, I trust Lion batteries much more some how… I have bought 2 lipo savebags and will do the lipo’s in the lipo savebags and then do them in the enclosure (hopefully safe enough)

I was on that idea also, but seems that doesn’t work, is only fire retardant, if the battery goes on :fire: the bags are a joke, look for some videos in YT. Now a leave the skate or the batteries in the car. Crazy!

I tried ordering some lipos from hobbyking and they said that they dont deliver them to Croatia

Best is just to livechat with them

They might last longer but they are not safer. The last 3 board fires that I have seen posted on this forum where all Li-ion packs.

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I have been charing my Lipos in the enclosure with a bms and simple charger or Lab power supply for over a year now and never had a problem.

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If you do decide to use Lipos, you should consider a higher C rating. 20C is really low for a 5ah Lipo. You will have voltage sag and swelling if you run them hard.

60C and up is much more suited for Esk8 applications.

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