Help required to make a weight sensing electric skateboard?

Hi.I want to make a weight sensing electric skateboard. What weight/force sensors should work for such project? If someone has experience with force sensors please let me know which ones are the best ones easily available. Thanks

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This is gonna be a sick build. Can’t help you in this area but I want to stay updated haha You know the “hover boards” use that technology maybe you can try and start there. I sell them and I have a parts donor one in peices so let me know if you want pics of the boards and sensors

you mean self balancing scooters? i thought they just sensed tilt via gyroscopes and accelerometers.

btw… hoverboard has become the xerox of this season. There’s only one hoverboard, and its not a 2 wheeled flame throwing house burning law changing peice of crap.

sorry… just spent all day realizing that those shitty self blancing scooters are making it impossible to ship li-ion batteries on planes. Not to mention UL is starting to prosecute some of them for using their mark without authorization.

@rafn97 can’t wait to see your build. Maybe experiment with some of the aurdiuno compatible pad type force sensors?

no they dont use gyros to move. Gyros balance them. Force sensors move them @longhairedboy

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oh i see. The do use switches to determine forward and backward intent from the user. Four big rubber buttons with optical interrupts. Clever.

I sort of want those hub motor wheels on a mountain board.

I don’t think they’ll spin fast enough even on 36 v they spin only at like 8 mph

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Do you mean like the z board? Like how it dosent have a remote you just lean on the pads on the deck

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Put stress sensors on the trucks. The z-board with the pads … I rode it and even the owner said it was disappointing. Pads are limiting and bulky. Stress/flex sensor in the trucks is awesome though. If u do a search on endless-sphere you’ll find it done and with info

@longhairedboy I just was messing around and put a hoverboard wheel on the vice and used an old esc to power it. its brushless and sensored so it worked pretty well. I was using 22 volts and it spun at 7 mph haha pretty lame for a longboard but alot of torque. Cant even hold it.

Those motors though… they’re huge and those stators could be re-wound pretty easily.

See now i want to go buy some junk scooters.

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I have an idea but kinda cheat a little bit. What if, you can try to use Force Resistive Sensor, connect it to an Arduino, read the sensor and outputs to a servo. Now, normally, we use joystick such as wii nunchuck or nyko kama or any other 2.4GHz remote control. If we take them apart, modify the potentiometer and connect it to the servo arm, I think we can make it happen. Therefore, we still use the ‘remote’ without the remote. hahaha. Yet, one thing for sure, Force sensor pads are hell too sensitive, but quite cheap.


Yeah I would love to see the pics if its possible :slight_smile:

pics of what exactly

If anyone explains an easy way to hook up stress sensing wires or whatever they are called on the trucks that sounds ideal. I’ve tried the zboards pads as I wrote and I don’t like them. I’d think it’d be cheap to hook up if you knew what you were doing.

pics of the force sensors.

Do u know the store that sells or manufactures pressure pads similar to the ones used in zboard? Im having a hard time finding something similar to those.

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same- I’m working on a similar project.

also, how do I convert the sensor readings into data a VESC could read?

grin technology has pretty much a kit I think.

bump. anyone have stress sensing wires/other sensors/weight pad recommendations that would work for a project like this?