[HELP?] Sturdy Build | Earthwing Supermodel 3D| Paris v2 180mm | Motor type? | Aliendrivesystems Mount | 6s/8s? | ESC/VESC?

Hey there!

I’m looking to sell my car and switch to public transport and an electric longboard in the summer. I already have an earthwing supermodel 3D which I want to use as the base of this build. It has paris v2 180mm Trucks and Cult classics 80a. I also have some abec 11 flywheels hich I could switch to. I am 1,80m tall and weigh 75 kg.

I would like a dual motor build because I live in Switzerland and we have a good amount of hills. I’m thinking of using 2 x 63mm Motors because of power. First question would probably be if they would both fit on the 180mm paris? If yes, which motors would be a good fit?

I’ve been thinking about 6s batterys - 2x ZIPPY Flightmax 8000mAh 3S1P 30C to get 6s. Would they be powerfull enough for 2 Motors?

I also need an esc. Because budget isn’t the main factor and I want something good quality it is allowed to cost a bit more. Can you recommend a good one?

Sorry for asking so many questions - I’m a first time builder and have spent quite some time with reading but havn’t quite understood everything yet… Thanks a lot for your help!

6s for dual is not enough i think, you should go at least 10s. and use a vesc!

For example 2x https://www.hobbyking.com/en_us/zippy-flightmax-8000mah-5s1p-30c.html?

You would want a VESC if you want the best quality ESC for esk8s

10S for your build

Get 2 x 6354/6355

Or diagonal drive 2 x 6374

Is there a VESC you can recommend?

yes, but you say money isnt really a problem, so if possible you should go with li ion, build one yourself or get a all in one space cell from enertion / @barajabali also makes 10s batteries

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@chaka vescs are the best - not sure about shipping though @barajabali batteries are the best


Thanks for al replys till now.

I’ve checked your suggestions and am going to step back one step and ask:

Do I really need a dual 63mm motor setup?

Hello @capfirepants, first of all: welcome to the forum. There is a small number of riders here from around Zurich. Where are you based?

If you have to climb longer hills you have to go dual. A single motor might be strong enough , but you will overheat it or the esc going up long hills. There is a big debate wethter 63mm or smaller motors are more efficient. I think both work if you’re running the proper gearing.

As for VESCs, I got mine from esk8.de and I am super happy!

Hey @PB1 Thanks for the warm welcome :wink: Im based in Solothurn. Its nice to know Switzerland has a, albeit small, community.

Yes, as I live in a village about 120 meters higher than the city I probably need 2 motors…

Can you reccomend any Motors you would perhaps use for my build? There is so much gear out there… Which VESCs do you use? Would you reccomend them for my setup?

Also I saw a video today of a guy running a dual motor setup with 6s… Is that logical?

Sorry for all the questions. Im looking to learn a lot but its not the most simple topic to get into for me.

Using two motors (generaly) means you also use two ESC’s, this means the load is better distributed so your motors and escs are both less prone to overheating. You will also have redundancy in case of snapping a belt, and increased grip for braking downhill. So I do advice a dual drive in your case.

If you are going for a VESC (in this case dual VESC) it is better to go 10S instead of 6S as this will also decrease the load going uphill (with more volts, you will generate the same amount of watts with fewer amps ). At 6S a single VESC can only provide about 1330 watts to the motor, and thats really pushing it already. The 63xx motors most of us use on this forum can generate 2500+ watts each, so if you use 6S on a VESC you will never get the full performance out of your motor. In a dual drive setup with dual VESC at 6S you will be able to generate 2660 watts which is a LOT for flat ground and may also be enough for hills, but then you are pushing the VESCs to the limit so its probably more reliable to just go 10S.

Note that if you go for a different ESC, that will handle more current, then you will have less reason to go beyond 6S. In fact, many of the affordable RC ESC’s are limited to 6S. Charging solutions are also cheaper at 6S.

Since you will use 180mm paris trucks, if you want both motors on the same truck and on the same side then you will need short motors, look up some dual drive builds with paris trucks and see what they used. You can always go dual diagonal or dual rear with the motors on opposite sides of the trucks.

What range do you need? With 2x 3S 8000mah zippy you will normally get 18km’s of range, probably much less in switzerland due to the hills.

Choose your ESC first, then the other choices get much easier!

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Hi @Stef Thanks for your reply. I’m going to get 2x VESCs from esk8.de

Im now looking at motors. Should I rather go for the Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-245kv, Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192kv or Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-149kv?

So I also need batterys - 10s or rather even 12s? I would like a range of about 15kms, more would be even better. Would 2 of these in series work as 1 10s? https://www.hobbyking.com/en_us/zippy-flightmax-8000mah-5s1p-30c.html or 3/4 of these: https://www.hobbyking.com/en_us/zippy-flightmax-5000mah-3s1p-30c.html ?

How will I be able to control both motors with 1 remote? Do I send 2 recievers?

Thanks for taking a look!

Good choice on vescs! If you want to go dual, i would go with 2x190kv 6355, 10s battery. If single go with the 6374 190kv

Just going to leave this here


just get a space cell pro 3/4 from enertion!

You have a “fuel” indicator, easy charging and 10s. With a nice enclosure aswell !

Problem with buying anything from enertion is that I live in Switzerland and enertion is from australia, meaning very high taxes and shipping fees…

There is a belgian warehouse that ships the space cell pro from there. (I am from Belgium) So Eu doesn’t have any taxes and shipping is free for the space cell.

Don’t know if eu/switzerland border has taxes

Care to explain the advantage vs the sk3?

Oh really? Yes Switzerland has eu border taxes but I will ship the items to an address in germany and pick them up from there. Do you have a link? Thanks a lot!

Ask them first in the live chat ( or email them) if the space cell pro’s are still getting shipped from Belgium. :slight_smile: And make sure they will ship yours from there.