HELP, the DRV8302 is getting extremely hot just from turning the board on

So about a week ago I stepped on my board to test it and it budged and then refused to function. So now the vesc blinks red in bursts of 3 and there is no response from the motor when the trigger is pulled. I plug the loop key in and somehow I get massive amount of heat from the DRV chip. So much so that I can’t even keep my finger on it.

I have a 192kv motor and a 10s5p with 60/-60amp motor max/min and 40/-12 batt max/min.

Any help or ideas is appreciated greatly, thanks!!

It sounds like your drv has a fried. What vesc do you have.

I have a Flipsky FSESC 4.12 i think. If the DRV is fried, would it still be getting this hot? Any ideas on preventing this from happening once I replace the chip? thanks

Did you run it on foc or bldc.

The same thing happened to me. After my DRV died, the DRV started to get really hot even from me just plugging in the battery and letting it sit there. Also you should have a fault code inside the VESC Tool.

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BLDC (10char)

I plugged the board into my computer and ran the vesc tool, just not sure exactly what to press to trouble shoot and get those error messages. Also, once you replaced the chip how did you prevent it from becoming fried again? I have seen on another thread that it is caused from a spike in voltage. Does my vesc set up values look alright?

Not really sure how to prevent it from happening again. I just replaced my VESC and haven’t had a problem since. Maybe to prevent it start with fixing the voltage spikes with a TVS diode. @Pryside shows a way of fixing this in his video by using a TVS Diode between the negative and positive terminals. Here is a way of how to attach it to the VESC.

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You go into the terminal and type in fault

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Add the TVS diode I mentioned in the video, the P6KE56CA and you can also add a low ESR cap directly onto the pcb for example the EEUFR1J681L. Thats the way I recommend it to friends who run their old 4.12 HW vescs on 12S and they havent had any issues since

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