Help to choose motor on 6s

Hello. Which motor will be best on 6s. This one (5060, 280kv) or this one (6368, 280kv)? 6s, 15/36 gearing, 83mm wheels. Top speed around 34 km/h. Which motor will be the best when using FVT120a, and why?

The 6368 will be better. Bigger is better :wink:

So it wont be too powerful for the 120a esc?

I would go for this one (5060, 270kv)…the difference is this one can take more amps on 6S, which means more power :slight_smile:

more amps doesn’t necessarily means more power… The 6368 will have a bigger stator, which means more torque/ability to take amps.

Also, many people means that the 5060 propdrive really cant take 90 amps… It gets burning hot.

@MonkeyFist No, you should be good. The best would be too buy a vesc though…


i’ve heard that vesc is not recomended for 6s. Because of the 50A limit. What do you think. How not to blow the vesc on 6s? :thinking:

I doubt you will blow the Vesc on 6S.

Is it just to set Motor Amps and Battery Amps low to avoid vesc from blowing?

In most vesc failures its the DRV who blows because of exceeding the 60k eRPM limit. This should be a problem for you since this setup will never reach over 50 eRPM… An upgraded vesc, like focbox would be even better.

Okay. So exceeding the 60k erpm limit is the most common way to blow the vesc. But how do you set it up to not get too much heat? The amp limits?

Kv x voltage x 7(poles?) equals erpm if i’m correct

You are correct.

Yea, pushing way to much amps is also a way to destroy your vesc. But with like 40 (Many push 60+) battery amps, and 60 (Many do 100+) motor amps, you should be good. Its all about having the vesc stay cool. So if you add extra heatsinks + fans, the vesc can do a lot more than originally.