Help! TorqueBoards 12s4p battery defective?

Hi everyone,

I just recently purchased a 12s4p battery from torque boards, and I’m experiencing a lot of problems with it. When I first got it, I checked all the vesc settings and components with other builders to make sure nothing was going wrong.

When I started to use the board, for the first couple days it was getting around only 10-15 miles of range (I’m pretty light and only 1 6355 motor, and this is far under what their support claimed it could do), but now it’s acting absolutely horribly. It won’t charge properly (I can leave it plugged in for hours and it won’t even go up 10%). Then when I skate 1/3 a mile, the battery goes down 10% easily. I didn’t do any damage to the battery (Didn’t even go up any hills), so I don’t know what’s happening.

What can I do to fix my battery? I trust torque boards and I paid $450 for it and was really expecting it to hold up, but I’m really sad with what happened. I can’t reliably ride my new board anymore.

Please help, thanks!

Have you opened up the battery? I would guess some batteries got disconnected

Contact Torqueboards via their chat. The support will be slow and probably bad, but give it a try and follow their directions.

When that fails you can get your hands on a multimeter and start probing.

I recommend you contact Dexter on here instead of the website. His customer support team is a bit unhelpful when it comes to faulty products. That said, Dexter is a great guy and I’m sure he will get your problem figured out. I am using his 6s2p pack without an issue, they are normally very reliable.



@magsm - Please email dexter@ with more details. We’ll get you setup/warrantied.


@torqueboards Thanks! I sent you an email. I really hope we can get this figured out, I’m genuinely impressed with the quality of the other board parts you sell and I know I made the right choice picking Torque Boards. Haha every boosted board that wants to race me loses hard :P.


My battery power switch just clonked out on my the battery has power but the switch just stopped working. I emailed the team and nothing yet

Please pm me with your ticket # and I can take a look at it.

I am having the same problem with my 12s4p battery pack. It lasted less than one day before it started acting up. I emailed Dexter and after more than a week he sent me a replacement switch. After peeling it open it turns out the problem is with the BMS and not the switch. It has now been more than a week and many emails and chat messages and Dexter @torqueboards just continues to ignore me. This is very frustrating. I offered to do the repair if they would just send a good BMS, but no response. Really frustrated.

@mbc Sorry, we’ll get you situated soon. Haven’t had a chance to get to your email yet.

I think you guys sent the wrong BMS. See the pic

Old BMS has smaller plug and 12 wires. New BMS has 11. Connector sent with new BMS does not fit the receptacle. @torqueboards

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TB has some good CS so you’re in good hands…