Help. Turnigy lipo packs

Hello everyone. I am currently putting together a board and i am having some issues with my batteries. I am using the turnigy 5Ah lipo packs from hk. In particular the 3s and 6s 20C packs. My issue IS that i have Been testing them on discharge with one of those simple 8s alarms, and in all my packs one or Two of the cells trigger the alarma at 2.9v while the rest of the pack IS around 3.7v. i dont know if this IS just a bad Brand, im unlucky or just screwing Up somewhere. I ride 2x sk3 236 kv motors on 2x YEP 60A (vescs on the way) with a 6s2p config and doing my discharge tests on a 10ohm 100W resistor. Any help would be appreciated. And if im just choosing a bad Brand, recomendaciones on better options would Aldo be thanked. Nice day yo everyone

I believe turnigy is quite reliable brand in Rc world. I also using turnigy lipo too. But recently i short one of cell while connect bms. My setup from 8s become 7s.

Lets wait some expert talk about this.

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Thanks for the answer. Did you actually mánage to get all the power Out of that 8s or 7s. Or do your cells Also discharge irregulary?

This most likely means you have a bad cell or two. Unfortunately, when one of the cells performs worse than the others, the issue usually gets worse over time. I’ve been there with Multistar batteries from HK. Painful, to say the least!

I’ve since built myself a Li-Ion pack with 18650s in hope that these fare better.

I would think that Turnigy lipos are pretty good, usually pretty reliable in my experience when building racing quadcopters, but like most lipos from HK, you’re not guaranteed a perfect lipo (hence why they have the cheapest prices), and unfortunately customer service from HK is not too great.

Good luck, and I hope the next set of lipos you get fare better!

Anytime you buy Lipos, you need to check them before using them. I have received a couple bad Lipos from HK but I caught it right away when I checked their voltage and internal resistance. I contacted HK through their online chat and they requested a pic of the bad packs with voltage readout and then promptly offered a refund or replacement.
For me their customer service was good.

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All my cell are work perfectly. Discharge or charge evenly. Now my setup cut down to 7s and i not sure good for my setup or not and setting of vesc.

Thanks for the help. I did check the voltages first of allí. They where all closely one another at 3.8 and charge nicely to 4.2. i did not know about resistence. What values should a good cell have?

5 milliohms or less per cell is good for Lipos Li-ions tend to have much higher resistance