HELP VESCs Flashing pink

Please help. I turned on my board this morning and the remote wasn’t responding. Opened it up and my vesc are flashing pink. I can’t seem to find the button in BLDC to detect errors. It was working last night and all I did was open it up after a ride and repositioned the vescs a little bit. Nothing appears to be off. Its connecting to BLDC fine. AH!

Is it fully charged?

Yea charged over night

Oh I see a fault code in the real time data that says OVER_VOLTAGE. Is my fully charged battery exceeding my maximum voltage setting?

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Okay, I set the battery max voltage from 42v to 43v (running 10s). That stopped blinking on one. Can I push the change to the second VESC via canbus or do i have to connect it individually and write settings?

Lol thanks @ra.rend you saved the day with your simple sentence. Im running!

Leave the max input voltage at the default 57V, it is just to protect the components from more voltage as they can handle.

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Your welcome :slight_smile: I don’t have dual vesc via canvas, but you should be able to.

I just did each one individually. If someone could comment on that it’d much appreciated. Stopped to give my feet a rest. I have to also remember poor Braking on a full charge :confused:

It’s running great! Heat seems to be a non issue

yes, you can. in the connection tab (left side of the window) select CAN FWD and fill in the id of your slave vesc(Propably 1).

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