Help w choosing a belt

Hi It is my first build and here is my situation.

I have this motor pully:

And am using a 36T wheel pully w my 90mm flywheels. Currently I have a 265-5M belt that is 15mm wide, but it is just a little too small. What belt size do I need with these parts?


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I just went and filled it out but it didn’t tell me the length. It gave me pitch diameter for each but not length

What motor mount are you using?

Edit: you need the teeth count for both pulleys and the center to center distance

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Boardnamics caliber 2 mount for 50mm sk3 motor. Also where can I buy the belt for inexpensive price?

Nowhere really, vbeltguys has a good price per belt but $7 shipping

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260mm to 285mm should be fine

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actually aliexpess.

can get 10 good belts for around 28$

Just gotta put belt sizes in the search bar in this format.


^first section is belt lenght, second section is belt type (HDT-5M), Thrid section is belt width.