Help wanted for first build | Australia

Im from QLD, Australia, Ive been long boarding for a few years now and have been interested in building my own eboard. I already have a deck and trucks that I could recondition(access to power tools). banggood looks like they offer good prices and delivery on flipsky parts to Aus and might cnnsider using them? My ideal set up would be a single motor capable of going 30 - 40 km/hr or higher with a 15-20km range

Motor: Flipsky 6374 Battery: ? ESC: Flipsky FSESC6.6 60A ESC Deck: obfive drop through 96cm Trucks: stock trucks(24.5cm) or new? Enclosure: ?

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What about a battery? Welcome to the forum. Where money is always short and feelings don’t matter.

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Ive done a bit of research and it looks like a 10s2p battery might work for I’m asking?, though I’m open to suggestions

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Well I think that’s absurd. 10s4p minimum.