Help! Where to buy motor pulleys?

I am looking for a pair of 5mm pitch x 16mm wide, 15-16 tooth pulleys for 10mm shaft motors. They are the normal ones that everyone seems to use for belt drive boards.

I ordered from two companies already (Alien Power and Flipsky) and it’s been 4 weeks and neither has shipped. I’m a little frustrated with British/Asian suppliers.

Does anyone know of an American supplier that sells motor pulleys? I wanna ride nowwwww :grin:

I think build kit boards has some

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Need a 10mm bore :disappointed_relieved:

most motors use 8mm bore pulleys, I have drilled them out before, just be careful using successively larger bits until you get to 10mm.

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He’s not based in the US, but @dickyho has the pulley you’re looking for and the shipping is reliable although a little slow

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Not US, but another option -

His shipping is fast if you order through him. Got my stuff in 2 days through DHL from Dickyho.

Yep, @dickyho is one of the most reliable sellers

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Wow definitely more options! Thank you guys, I think I got this :blush:

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i have a pair of new aluminum 15T if u need. pics here…

$5 ea and can probably ship first class for $4 bucks…


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Yeah I’ll take them! Can you PM me the name to send paypal to and Ill give you my mailing address?

Pm sent.thx

Ebay. Timing belts are usually 5mm/10mm/15/mm wide etc. I found some belt murdering 11T 8mm bore for a TRAMPA. I dont bother with a keyway on boards, just loctite.

Thanks Brandon, they were absolutely perfect! My ratty board is burning rubber now


Damn that was sum quick first class shilping coast to coast… USPS must be bored right now lol… Time to shred that.gnar gnar!

Just don’t.forget to.use blue loctite on the set screws and wait for it to cure.

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Yeah @accrobrandon your shit always ships to me in 1-2 days it’s cray cray

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@nickw1881 can you tell us how those ESC’s perform?? I’ve never seen those used here in esk8, how they be??

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Hey thanks for noticing :slight_smile: They are my own design, derived from VESC6 and built for 250A peak and 6kW sustained. I made them for an electric hydrofoil or surfboard. I made some extra, and since I had a few motors from testing I put them on a skateboard, which is why I need the 10mm shaft pulley instead of the normal 8.

They are exactly 5 times too manly for me. Sad part is they are for a water application, so there is no sensor inputs so they dont start as well as a sensored controller. Gotta kickstart on an incline.

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and have you ridden with them yet?