HELP | Why did my rc receiver blow but nothing else?

Hey guys, yesterday when building my board an incident occurred, was working fine til i moved stuff around and i connected the batteries together wrongly (in the series connector), i wasn’t focusing and believe i accidentally plugged in the 2 negatives of the battery instead of negative to positive. when i plugged in the rc receiver it blew, why did it blow but nothing else? (pretty sure the esc is fine cause still spark when i plug it into the battery) Thanks.

The ESC could still be broken, just because it sparked does not mean it works.

any way to test it?

is it a vesc? Also what batteries are you using?

no, hobbyking esc.

using 2x 3s 5200mah multistar batteries in series. i had it working before before unplugging stuff and being an idiot and not looking lmao

The first thing that worries me about this is that it is water cooled, and you are running it at 6s, so unless you have a water cooled skateboard (which would be sweet), you are going to run into an issue eventually most likely. The other thing is there shouldn’t be an issue here, you are running a 6s setup, but you accidently hooked it up in parallel, so you were only giving it 3s (that’s how I understood it at least), therefore, something must’ve been backwards or incorrect because it should work fine. Was the servo cable plugged in right?

servo cable? i don’t think i plugged it in parralel because battery 1 negative went into battery 2 negative, and battery 1 positive and battery 2 positive went into the xt60 connector. I did not change ANYTHING from when it was working except i might of accidently plugged in the batteries wrong

when you connect negative to negative and positive to positive, that’s referred to as parallel. Positive to negative//negative to positive is known as series. I am asking if you plugged in the ESC cable that connects to the receiver backwards.

Did you try with another receiver ???

Also, maybe there some protection on your ecs for these kind of manipulation, but the receiver might not have these… Or you just blowup the 5v regulator of your esc… Did you have been able to run a motor since the incident, or you assume it work because of the spark ?

might of plugged it in backwards too but shouldnt create a spark, also haven’t tested it yet getting another reciver soon. and yes i assume it works. also should i take the cover off and put a hetsink on the esc