Help with 3d printed battery box

Hi i have borrowed some great designs from this page and Thingeverse to put together an enclosure that will fit my battery arrangement.

However i am not very tallented at doing 3d modeling. So i created the ones you can see in the attached files. But they dont work so well. So here is what i need help at.

I would like to change the way the screw holes is placed, so it will end up more like Boosted board or the file Epic Vihelmo which i also attached where the ends of the enclosure ends up in a flat with screw holes. That way i can find a piece of metal and make it so i will distribute the wait better.

Please see picture it will show you what i am looking for. the picture only illustrates how i would like the mounting to be, not the arrangement. i want the same as the original design. Please make sure not to cross the middle lines that touches the bed, otherwise the 50 18650 batteris cant fit.

I would greatly appreciate it from someone. Also my board curved ever so sligthly. If possible i would like that to, but not a requirement.

here you can find the STL files. ( Please remember that the Epic Vilhelmo is for reference only and its only Front and Bag that needs change

Help is greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure I follow. Could you draw a diagram of want you want it to look like? I think there’s some similar designs already on thingiverse.

Yes there are some similar designs and that is what I borrowed. But if you download one of the stl files either bot or top. You can see that the screw holes are holes going all through the case. What I would like is to make the screw holes as close to the board as possible. So that would be a curve down and then a flat edge all around the case. Then the edges will look like the third stl file.

It makes it easier for me to ad a piece of metal to distribute weight better when attached to the under side of the board. And it also makes it look more like boosted board

Here you can see what i am looking for. It does not need to be with as much holes. But it should be able to carry 50 18650 batteries with a BMS. So if the sides is enough then its great.

You can see how it looks on the boosted board under.

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Since it looks like you’re using tinkercad, I’d suggest redoing the sides of the “point” completely straight, as it’ll be easier to do and you get the same result. For the screws, just add some flat parts of the right length, width and thickness around the edge of the case. If you want to get it very accurate you can try redoing it in Onshape. It’s also much easier to fix mistakes there.

Yes it seems easy. But i can not get the case any wider. So i need to cut into the design, remove the screw holes and make the slope down to the egdes. And that is what i need help for

any help with the accual 3d modeling would be greatly appreciated. if i do it it wont be good.

Give me the dimensions you want including crew-hole placement and I’ll see if I can do it sometime this week. I won’t have a lot of time to work on it so it’ll either be very simple or it will take more time. Have you checked Thingiverse or Grabcad similar things?

Hi Thanks for your reply. Yes i have checked thingverse and i found nothing i liked and nothing that could fit the 50 18650.

I have worked some more on the model in the top in tinkerscad. You should deffintly be able to se what i am going for now.

But you can also see that the design is very rough and that is because Tinkercad works with predefined objects like circles and squares so its hard to get good surface.

The dimensions are here and the mounting plate. I would just really like to get i clean with some even surfaces and if the wall could be maked so they are much thiner it would be great. I am covering it with fiber glass, and right now it will take around 400g of filament to make this. It will take long and be expensive and unnessescary. So please

i appreciate you wanting to help me thanks

No problem :slight_smile: I’ll try to get started on it tomorrow.

Greatly appreciated man thanks

I would suggest you look at, he has every possible size enclosure you can imagine. You can spend 40 printing and another 20 annealing, but it still won’t be as strong as vacuum formed ABS…it won’t be as strong as it needs to be unless you print it 8mm thick and never bottom out on a curb or speed bump.

Thanks for the advice. But it it going to be to expensive since it’s outside eu.

I plan on coating it with glasfiber both on inside and outside. Don’t you think it will be strong enough

There are people that have successfully made 3d printed enclosure, I would search the topics here.

Is it better to make without the 3d print as a form/template if so how? i dont have a vaccuum bag

nah! 2 mm shell thickness is enough. i printed multiple enclosures now and none of them broke. its all a matter of how you print them. if you print them flat on you bed, it WILL break. if you print them standing up, you will get a tough as nails shell. Go with PETG or ABS for that (PETG is way easier to print). or nylon if you have to much money. thats stuff is unbreakable.

im testing PLA right now (still printing). toughness should be fine, not sure about the heat …

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What is the diffrence between standing up or laying flat on the print bed. The way the printer lays the strings should be the same.

Im currently doing something like this. I have the vesc cover done (finished the model) and will be doing my battery pack tomorrowish. If you let me know what dimensions you need I’ll do one for you in the same style when I find time. I would recommend learning some CAD yourself. It’s fun and usefull, especially if you have a 3D printer. I use Fusion360 and like it a lot. It’s also free.