Help with 6S2P with BMS wiring (only for charging)

Hello eSk8 builders! I’m creating the diagram for a 6s2p with BMS (only for charging the board) and I am mess with the wiring diagram. I made this one but is incorrect because the power for the motor go trough the BMS and this one can not support that amps:

This is the BMS that I bought:

For that reason I asked to @bartroosen12 how can I connect all, he is very very kind and helps me a lot on this project, he sent me this diagram:

I think is correct but I will love to share it with you to have second and third opinions and be totally sure that I have to connect it that way (yes, maybe I’m freaking out with the wiring but I dont want anything to explode haha)

That is my first doubt, the second I have is… How can I connect the balance cable

in a 6s2p?

Maybe to the yellow wires that show on that image from the [instructable] ( of bartroosen12?

Many thanks in advance Cheers!

Isn’t black wire always negative on balance wire?

Hello @wmj259 I really dont know that, one electric skate builder sent me that image but if you have corrections be free to share it, it will be very very helpful because I’m blocked with the wiring :snail:

I hope this will make it more clear, you don’t need to look at the colors because they can always be different. This is a 4S balance cable and a 6S balance cable with both different color wires :wink:

Do you know how to figure out with wire is - and which is +? I always thought that the black was - and red was +, but maybe not on balance leads?

In my opinion colors doesn’t matter if you know how to connect it and you have clear which is one @OskarCastrone

Thanks for that info @bartroosen12 and sorry for asking the same questions but every time I ask to one person they tell me different things and I’m starting to desesperate, in this case i was refering on how to connect the 7 wires to the 12 cells (6s2p) Maybe like this ?

Also bartroosen12, how did you weld the cells pack? Did you used any kind of special product?

Thanks to everybody!

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I’m just using a weld from weller. Add some flux on the battery connectors so it will weld much better and then just heat the wires long enough because they are very thick and then just add your tin (or how is it called in english :slight_smile:)

so the 5 wires in the middle go to the yellow parts on the diagram and the left and right go to positive and negative on the battery wires