Help With A Build

Made a hub motor build to just to test and see if esk8ing is for me and so far I’m enjoying it. I’ve learned a lot from this experience and I think I’m ready to go with a more serious build.

I’m loving the simplicity of the hub motors but it’s limitation is proving to be quite difficult in my situation. The city I’m living in have very unforgiving roads and the hub’s inability for wheel interchangeability has become a hindrance hence I’m opting for a belt drive this time.

What I have in mind is a compact board (portable) but can conveniently change to pneumatic tires (6" - 7") when needed and vice-versa. Is it even possible? How?

I need help with the parts list that will make this work. So far I’m set with the following:

Motor: 2 x 6374 190kv Speed Controller: 2 x VESC Voltage: 10s or 12s

I’ve been trying to figure out what trucks, mounts, pulleys, deck, etc, would make this build possible.

Thank you to everyone in advance!

The easiest way to have interchangeable wheels is to have the drive wheels have their own pulleys and belts. You will still.likelt have to make motor mount adjustments so the tension is correct.

Think you are better off with 100mm all-terrain wheels than 6-7 inch AT tires if you look for portability. If you don’t have a source in mind for the tires, diyelectricskateboard has the kit you are looking for. You can also get 12s batteries from there. But if you want to build your own, make sure you pick high-quality cells like LG HG 2 or Samsung 30Q. Are you looking for two sensored 6374 with VESC? I can get you two pairs for $400. PM me for details.

Interchangeable wheels are not easy on a small compact board, pneumatics need a long deck with wide trucks, otherwise they will hit the deck or touch the tip of you feet.

If you end up going with wide trucks and long deck your build won’t be compact anymore.

So you need to decide whether you want a compact board or a versatile one.

If you go with a compact board I suggest a small deck, 83mm flywheels, caliber II trucks and a 10s3p battery

I’m sure my next build would be a 28.5-32.5 deck, having a small light board in certain occassions could be relieving and extremely convenient, for instance going to the supermarket, going to the bank, going to the doctor or dentist, walking into an office, taking the bus or train.

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Will a single 6374 be enough to carry a 100kg rider up hills? With a smaller deck like a dinghy, will it be able to accommodate a set of the 100mm all terrain wheels? I would really love to build a compact board but I also need to consider the road conditions.

I’m really eyeing that dinghy deck now…

[quote=“gigoy, post:5, topic:44609”] all terrain wheels?[/quote]

I’d use a 83mm Flywheels to keep the weight down, with proper truck risers to avoid wheel bite if there is any, it should also help with road vibrations, a set of dual Carvons V4 and a 10S2P with Samsung 30Ts, that I would take to a small trip.

To commute to work my favorite is the Vanguard, but to go far away from home I always use the Trampa

If you are using a low kv (170 or 190) motor, and low gear raio(16/36), you should be able to climb up most legal hills you can find no problem. Are you still looking for one?