Help with an all Enertion parts build

Here we go with an right attitude against newbies !! (I sound like a mod or something but heeey, chill we’re all here to have fun !)

It wasnt a hard time at first … I even posted the link on the how to VESC?

part of this is a “little” research and is apparent none was done

I should know better?

Enough of this keep the thread headed forward

Loop key is not needed in this case, he has a space cell pro 4, all that jazz is intergrated

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Circling back on a couple of your questions - no, most likely they will have no idea. It’s not a super common thing quite yet (we’re trying to make it a lot more common!). The xt-60 connectors i’d get from HobbyKing or Amazon. You’ll pay more for Amazon, but get it a lot quicker.

10 pairs w/ some shrink tube.

here’s a “Y” cable - but unfortunately it’s reversed (you need a single Female to dual Male plugs) the one pictured here is backwards from what you need with a single male to dual females:

But hopefully it helps you understand what you need. This will take the single plug from your SPACE cell (which will be a female plug - into two male plugs - one into each VESC to provide them power.

Then on your VESC you need to connect them to your Rx (receiver - the handheld remote you have is your Tx (transmitter)). You can run a split servo connector (similar to Y cable for power - just 3 wire servo cable instead) one to each VESC (cut power (red wire) on one as the other will power your Rx), or connect two wires to their canbus connectors on each VESC (takes a bit more configuration in the software/BLDC tool) - but also gives you traction control and couple other things.

@Blasto - thanks i wasn’t sure. So disregard the loop key. build into your nice SPACE cell.

The bare wires on your VESCs - you need to solder (i’d also heat shrink them after to protect metal from touching and shorting the phase wires), the female connectors to match the R-Spec motor wires.

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Thanks sl33py! I will research and purchase these items and brush up on my soldering (its been quite some time). Honestly I mostly just want what Enertion promised these parts would get me, 10+ miles range and just a tad more top speed and acceleration from the boost that I can make small adjustments to through the BLDC, nothing crazy (maybe later on lol) . If someone has already done a bottom up enertion parts dual motor build on here, please direct me!

Search is your friend here Dylan. If you go to the top - right next to your icon (round) there’s the “hamburger” - options, and far left - Search icon.

Search - “Dual R-Spec SPACE cell”:

Quite a few responses and thread w/ this. Clicking the one that looks really close to your build: I like @E-Boarding’s build as it’s really similar to yours (with a lot of pictures to help (i’m a visual person)):

Another is @Chris604 's build:

Some good reading and hopefully gives you some ideas.

I’d definitely get a good soldering iron and solder ordered up if you don’t have an old one to dust off. You can always use a lighter for the heatshrink, but a good iron for making connectors on heavier 12awg wire is really helpful.


Edit: what @sl33py said

Hey @Dilinski,

I’m in South San Francisco, let me know if you need any help with any of this in person. It’s nice to see more bay area esk8ers.

You guys have all been so incredibly helpful, and in such a short amount of time! And @Jinra , that sounds way too awesome! I promise I’ll post progress pics for all the help you guys have given me, Jinra is it alright if I PM you?

Of course! :slight_smile:

Hey Dilinski…

I am the designer of all those parts, i can tell you that most of the work is already done…

in fact, most of the complex stuff that needs hours of research and pages and pages of reading & research can now be avoided…

making complex systems easy to use & “Plug & Play” has been my mission for over 2 years… and i am 90% there…

Unfortunately the last few pieces of the puzzle are now in your hands and you need to work it out… But have some faith in yourself… you can do it!

I suggest watching the video below, it might help with the basic connection questions…

NOTE: you will need a soldering iron & some wires & stuff…


Thanks for the encouragement and for making an awesome beginners DYI kit for newbies like myself. I feel like I’ve watched all of your videos except for this one, I think I’ve got most of what I need and I’m fairly certain I can put the pieces together now. If I can just ask, where do you get your wiring for the receiver, the female bullets, and the Y connector? Or at the least, what do you properly call them? I’d honestly just prefer to use what you’re using since its all made by you. Thanks!

the wire for receiver to vesc are simply called “jumper leads cables” search ebay.

i don’t use “Y” connector i solder the two vesc together at the capacitor boards.

just remember there are 10 ways to do everything and none of them are wrong.

You should also do a search for dual raptors, basically the same parts as your build…made by Enertion, but with their carbon fiber deck. I’m sure there will be some pics of a dual raptor opened up, which will give you an idea how everything goes together. If you can’t find any pics, let me know and I’ll send you a few.

Having recently built my first two esk8s, I know how frustrating the learning curve can be. Just know this forum is filled with great people who will frequently go out of their way to help others and share their knowledge, @Michaelinvegas included. That said, I found it helpful to detail my efforts to find answers via the search function when asking others for help. This lets everyone know what you’ve already read/learned and usually helps you develope more specific questions that generally lead to better/faster solutions.

there’s not a lot of room in there, so my advice would be to use as little wire as possible. Figure out exactly where you want everything, then cut your wires to where they are just long enough to reach and solder them together. Heat shrink is cheap, but electrical tape is probably more readily available. If you use tape, make sure you wrap around the cable a few times, not just once or twice. That way if the tape starts to peel off you still have plenty on there to prevent shorts.

If you don’t want to solder, try to hunt down the smallest XT60 Y-Cable you can. Some are longer than others, so try to get the shortest one. Just know its going to be a tighter fit this way, but it should work just fine.

and don’t forget to post pics of your final results. :slight_smile:

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Maybe you should do a mono setup for now, for learning purposes and then upgrade later on, even though you have the parts already.

A mono will much simpler for you, less risk of breaking shit