Help with an all Enertion parts build

Right now I’m building an Eboard using all Enertion parts. I’ve managed to mount the trucks and motor/pulley system so far on my 10 year old Luke Nosewalker I’ve recently brought out of retirement for this experiment. It seems the only thing I’ve purchased other than all Enertion parts is the CANbus wire from Ollin Board Company.

My apologies for my ignorance, but I was under the assumption that this would be a little bit more plug and play than I anticipated. I’ve managed to get the BLDC tool to recognize the VESC but other than that, I’m completely helpless. Is there a thread or group of threads I should refer to? I’m literally going to need help every step of the way. If anyone in the Bay Area would be willing to give me some in-person help, that would be even better!

The pictures essentially show you where I’m at right now

Thanks so much for everyones time! I’ve been longboarding for over 15 years and after buying a used Boost on craiglist, I had to make something more to my liking. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s assistance!


Hey mate, check out for awesome blow by blow VESC and remote setup help. Massive ups to @jacobbloy for this contribution

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Within the first few seconds I notice my vesc wires don’t look like they do in the video. I get that it’s the brain, and I mentioned that I got the BLDC tool to recognize it. They don’t have that female plug on the end of them. I’m already realizing that there was no info regarding that. By every step of the way, I do quite literally mean that. Does anyone in the Bay Area have experience with building these that I can contact?

Ok guys lol

Who’s gonna step up…

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The point is that it’s not a complete breakdown like you said it was. I guess I should’ve anticipated just being made fun of when asking for help. Just like the Enertion ‘help desk’ all I get is redirected to links with people asking the same questions I am. I’ve been doing real long boarding for most of my life, I thought this would be a cool way to keep riding after my joints started giving out.

What in the world are you talking abt?

The fact that I need help and you just laughed at me, did you not understand the response?

Oh man this will be a tough one.

First off where are you located.

Second, your missing a few basic parts

-3 pairs of xt60 connectors. -some 12gauge wire, 1 foot of red, 1 foot of black -1 foot of 10mm heat shrink

With this you will do a Y connections from the output of the space cell to both vesc. Heat shrink all you exposed connection.

Solder your female bullets to your vesc, heat shrink the exposed bullets. Connect to motors

Now get some 70mm heat shrink, install on each vesc and your receiver

Get a servo cable, plug in chan 2 of receiver and to your master vesc (you decide which on is master)

Properlly stuff everything in the enclosure.

I’ll let someone else take the ball for the settings

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No laughing here mate

U def need to lighten up…

There some peeps in your area and I’m sure they are watching this thread … And your reactions are not really inviting …

You’ve posted here twice dude … No questions really just a plea for someone to do it for you …

Read all I can say…there is not one question you have that has not been asked before…

I would be careful who you take tone with

I’m in Oakland, but I am building it at my job in SF near the 16th st. station. I am willing to travel a reasonable distance and pay someone for their time in person.

If I mention these parts as you’ve posted them exactly to someone at an electronics store, will they understand exactly what I’m talking about?

By “a Y connections” do you literally mean just the way I have them come out of the casing?

Those little brass bits I have in the picture are the female bullets right (with the half crescent at the end) ? I just solder them directly to the vesc and motor wires?

Is there only one kind of servo cable? Will an electronics store understand what I’m asking for?

Can I get a link for how best to stuff everything in the enclosure?

I think I can figure out the setting portion, you’re talking about the BLDC right?

Thanks again for your time and friendly response!

Maybe you shouldn’t have responded? Sorry you heard a “tone”, but I just want help, not to be laughed at.


I was calling people to your rescue


I appreciate it Michael, I really didnt know thats how you call for help on this forum, my mistake. My apologies for the confusion!

You want something constructive from me

Learn and read …

This is basic stuff…if you don’t know tha basics…you should have had Enertion or @longhairedboy build you a board.

Read and educate yourself

Calm down you two. @Dilinski you seem to have some great parts matching together, tell us exactly what you were hoping for on this forum…For what I’ve seen you only need a Y connection from your space cell 4 to both of the Vesc’s to get your build powered and running…

Hell no…

You wanna spend a few paragraphs explaining a Y connection?

Wants all the benefits without the work

Awesome! I’ll look into a Y connector and servo cable as Blasto mentioned, I’ll make sure I do a little more research on some of the aforementioned items.

@Michaelinvegas, you’re a respected member of this forum, and yes, even I enjoy your builds and comments. But this attitude, I cannot respect ! Give me the same hard time as you would @Dilinski and I would call you out for it. You should know better…

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Wow. Looks like an interesting intro. Welcome to the forum @Dilinski. I like your old deck - can see you’ve got some miles on wheels there. Like you i got more into longboarding, then e-sk8 (after rode my buddies boosted dual+) - helps with knees that just aren’t as happy as they used to be.

Nothing new here - but you do need to do some reading and start educating yourself. If you lived closer, i’d meetup and lend you a hand (I’m in Seattle). it’s really awesome way to get around and be on a board!

Besides the what’s what you need to get read up on - the most helpful part i’ve found is looking at other’s builds and seeing what you like! You have a great start already and less work to get it all working together compared to a miss-mash of parts from several places, but a few steps to finish it.

Definitely recommend you get some wire. I like the superworm and wet noodle on Amazon (convenient and reasonable $). I’d get 12 awg wire. Get some XT-60 connectors. I’d also check out a simple loop key if an anti-spark isn’t on your list. The higher voltage of your SPACE cell will give you a pretty good “pop!” spark when connecting. The simplest and cheapest way to eliminate (i think) is an XT90 anti-spark loop key:

Do you have a decent soldering iron? Any previous experience soldering? It’s not necessarily needed, as you can usually buy some pre-made wires to connect stuff, but they rarely are the right length you need - so you end up with too long of one (or several) and it just becomes a “spaghetti” mess of wires stuffed into your enclosure. Making your own the exact length you need is really helpful. Plus you get to practice your soldering which is a great skill to develop for esk8!

Welcome and GL! ask away and we’ll give you a hand.