HELP WITH BLDC SETTINGS - Vesc shutting off when speeding up

Hey Everyone!

Quick couple notes about me, I’m 25, from Melbourne Australia, and currently living in London. Have been purusing the forums for the last couple weeks. All my pieces arrived today which I am very stoked about. Thought I would share what I am going for to see if anyone has any tips, tricks, or warnings.

Will say, that I am going fairly cheap with this one as it is my first build. If it is a partial success/I get more into it I might invest more into my next one. :wink:

Deck - I made my own board, it is pretty basic, straight forward shape. Have given it a sand and just a couple clear coats of varnish. Wheels - 90mm Orange Clone Flywheels. VESC - VESC 4.16 Motor - 6374 (unbranded motor) TBH don’t know the KV of this one. Battery - 10s3p Battery Pack XT90 - Also got a set of XT90 anti-spark key plug things. (Showing off my electronics knowledge here) Risers - Zwish combo go-pro mount risers. (Thought these were quite cool) Remote - DIY Skateboards mini remote/reciever Bearings - Skatewarehouse Abec 9 Bearings Grip Tape - Wicked cool Globe palm tree style grip tape. :wink:

Oh and shout out to @ajaynagra who sorted me out with alot of these parts.

I still need to figure out how I am going to mount all the electronics do the casing… So open to ideas there.

I am thinking my first move though which should be fairly straight forward is to mount the trucks. One thing I don’t have is appropriate bolts for both the trucks and the motor mount. So need to venture out to get them.

Here we go!



The motor is a 190kv 6374 “polar board” motor search on the forum, quite popular.

Nice deck btw how did you make it?

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Charger?? Motor mount? You need to tell us what you used in your board

Thanks mate. Board was just 2 bits of 3.5mm Birch plywood stuck together, and then used one of the Churchill templates to jigsaw out the shape.

Maybe this for the enclosure?


Yes good shout. Could work! Thanks.

Quick update.

Have attached my wheels/trucks to the board and started on the motor mount/pulley attachment.

Issue I ran into was that 2x plywood boards is most definitely not enough to be sturdy enough. I have disassembled and cut out a 3rd 3ply board to glue to the deck. Hopefully that will make it thick/strong enough for my weight.


Hey @LondonAussie build is looking great!

Was just wondering how the flex is on the board? I tried making a deck using 1/2 inch birch plywood and it had a considerable amount of flex, I’ve got the exact same 10s3p battery from the group buy and didn’t want to risk bending the battery, so I abandoned the deck I cut out. lmk how it works out for you :slight_smile:


Thanks yeah the board actually had way too much flex in it. So I needed a 3rd 3ply board to bring it up to 9ply. Clear coat is currently drying on it, so will let you know how it stands up when I get home from work tonight. Yeah I did think I might run into an issue on the battery front. Will let you know how I go. Kinda just tackling each problem as I face it. Will aim to just put the battery as far forward/backward as possible.

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I truly recommend you to buy a proper deck, your deck looks good btw. But the shape of the deck is a really important​ part on your skate and it will transmit you a lot. I did also my own deck and was fine until i try a proper one, it is another world. The feeling, how responsive is, the shape on the deck also changes a lot how you ride. Don’t know if your are a daily skater maybe you already know that, and you are doing your deck also in the proper way. Good looking project!

Ah good advice, thanks. Might have to convert. Just aiming to keep costs low this first time around. If I end up turning into a daily skater/commuting with it I will invest in a better deck. :slight_smile: there is something quite satisfying though about doing my own, even if it is a bit misshapen/weaker…

Ok. question. I am a bit stuck. I have bought some machine screws to attach the motor to the mounting plate but am struggling a bit.

I feel like I bought the right size screws, but they are slipping on the thread? Is it more likely that the thread is gone on my motors screw holes? or are my screws the wrong size?

Also what should I be doing in terms of washers/nuts when it comes to the motor?

Also I don’t have a motor shaft key. Am I best to make one or can these be bought at hardware stores/online?


What screws did you get? Also I might have sent you some screws for the motor in the package somewhere, if not I can send some just in case

Also have you been using loctite?

You don’t have to use a shaft key, just use locktite. If you ever need to get the motor pulley off just heat it up and use gloves.

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loctite 648. #bestshitever


Get acces to a 3D Printer, @TranxFu got stl files for keyways

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Cheers guys. Yeah I have Loctite. Even if the screws are slightly slipping in the thread will Loctite do the trick?? They just don’t seem to tighten on their own. .

@ajaynagra I don’t think you did. Will double check with the other stuff, but I don’t think I saw any screws.

So since having a feel of my newly thickened deck, there is now little to no flex in it at all. Which is good for the battery/electronics but I did want a little bit of flex for carrying my weight/going over bumps.

I see… I think your best option would be to place the battery as far back or front as possible, as you mentioned before. Thanks for the update, and good luck with the build !

What size are the bolts you bought? You need M4 bolts.