Help with build, first timer

First of all sorry for putting this in general Discussion if it isn’t mean’t to be here, i didn’t really know where else i should put the thread but anyway. I’m planning my first build and i wanna know how it looks so far and if the components i’ve chosen so far are alright quallity and if i havn’t been stupid with picking parts.

Atm this is what i’m looking at

Trucks,Pulleys,Belt etc. kit: https:///products/single-motor-mechanical-kit?variant=1271539335191

Motor: https:///products/electric-skateboard-motor-6380-170kv?variant=12287486754839

Vesc: https:///products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller?variant=722351915031

Remote: https:///products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller?variant=712499560471

Now the battery and enclosure i’m a bit unsure of, i found a guy that’s willing to make me a custom battery for a reasonable price but i’m unsure how big a battery i want. I have a meepo already which i’,m planning to put on a smaller deck for the everyday travel, but i want something that has a bit more range and power in this build for joy rides. So far i’ve been considering going with a 12s4p battery to get as much range as possible and to utillise the motor as best as possible, but now im unsure about the enclosure which ones would you recommend? Thanks :slight_smile:

Also if anyone could recommend another vesc? or you tell me if the one i’ve chosen right now is alright

Looks like you’re going for a single drive build. The Torqueboards VESC is good, but alternatives like a single Focbox or single Flipsky 4.12/6.6 are great too. Enclosure wise, you will have to decide that together with the deck you plan to get. Do you have a deck in mind? Post some pics of it and maybe we can advise on enclosures.

So far good enclosures can be found on,, and a few others that i can’t remember…

For enclosure if your are from europe I would reccomend @bigben

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you could save a significant amount of money by buying these parts instead of the mechanical kit:

@boardnamics motor mounts°-Longboard/dp/B00NY3Q5P4/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=caliber+trucks&qid=1555173944&s=gateway&sr=8-3

I have used this combo several times and it has never dissapointed

I’ve been having my eye on a landyacht deck which i think is pretty slick, but its a drop down deck and i don’t think i’ll get enough clearence for a 12s4p battery

Also about the vesc, i might change it out for a focbox to get the auto dectection feature cause of me being lazy and for my first build it might be easier.

I kinda like having it in a kit, i think it’s gonna make it easier to manage cause of it arriving on the same time and not having to buy from 4 different sites paying for shipping 4 different places. Also i’m gonna buy some other wheels and order the mech kit with 83mm wheels to get 25 bucks off and spend it on some more high quallity wheels.

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