Help with choosing my deck

Hey there

I am building my esk8 mostly to take to school and back. I was looking for a deck that is portable enough to store in my locker and light enough to carry. Any reccomendations??


Well, there’s no real science to choosing a board, use whatever length fits in your locker and whichever style fits your mood. With a single beltdrive and batteries with a range of around 15km the weight will be around 6 kg.

My current build is on a 75cm board, it makes it easy to carry using the front truck as a carrying handle.

Check out the Jet Potato 33.

Basically you’ll want to get a deck as long as possible that can fit in your locker, mainly for stability reasons, unless you have a good amount of experience on skateboards/longboards already. It seems like 33-37 in. is the sweet spot, but it really depends on how big your locker is. Also the closer the wheels are together, the more aggressive turns you can make. Do you have rough roads, then you might consider having some flex in your deck, just make sure you don’t place your battery enclosure in the middle, because the flex can cause bad things to happen…

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