Help with conversion

I need to buy a new battery setup to replace old acid. I need 36v and around 7ah. What is the lithium ion equivalent. Thanks in advance for your knowledge

10s3p, depending on what brand of cells.

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Thanks for your quick answer. Would you have an idea where I could buy for the smallest price in Canada along with a charger? I’m looking to reviving an old 600w maverix board but all I have left from it is the board, motor and original charger

Unfortunately there are no good retailers of lithium ion batteries in Canada, I’m in Montreal and I like to get them from, but it takes between 2 and 4 weeks to get here. I also ordered from the US once but ended paying more because of the brokerage fees…

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Cool im also in mtl. doesnt seem to sell prebuilt and i dont feel like exploding my apartment soldering them. Would you have the experience to help me out?

Just email him, Arjan offers soldering 18650 cells, just describe him the configuration you want, a little drawing may help aswell.

I do have the experience but I don’t have much time :slight_smile: There are a bunch of guys in Montreal that might be able to help you, they might even have a built battery for sale, check out this Facebook group:

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I’m used to buying rebuilt boards so this is a first for me…whp is Arjan?

I had a 600w maverix that due to my stupidity (rain)got a dead esc. I then bought a yuneec ego but found out it’s not as fast though a lot lighter. I am now waiting on a koowheel dual motors board but I would to unduat my first love while I wait

He is an employee at nkon, sorry for the confusion.