Help With Custom Off-road Electric LongBoard

I’m not sure if this how I would make a post. But I joined the community after finding a board I would like to use as inspiration.

I am building an off road independent suspension system electric longboard. I am getting a large brushless motor from a family member and I plan to use that. But I don’t know how to drive an independent suspension system with one motor that is not using a differential system like a rc car. I found a board made by Lorenz Janssen, from the pictures shown, you can see that it’s driven with one motor and only one of the two back wheels is actually being powered. There are no axels connecting the two back wheels for them both to turn. I’m hoping I can get in touch to ask him about it.

Is there any other way I can power it with one motor and it not cost to much money like using a differential to turn both wheels?

How do go about steering? I know how steering works if the trucks were like normal ones, but not for an independent suspension system.

Would you recommend using a belt to transfer power from the motor to the wheels/axel, or a gear and chain like a bike?

Any tips would also be helpful and thank you for any help.

Too much complexity. Too heavy. Too many one off parts. Using one free part often doubles the cost of any type of build.