Help with DIY electric longboard setup?

Hi im a bit confused right now and i hope your can help me.

I will be making a electric longboard with a around 450Wh Litihum Ion pack 18650. I know how to make the pack and is using a spot welder and some 1.5mm thick solid copper wire.

My dilemma is what configuration can work.

Nr. 1 a 6S configuration with

LG 2500mah 18650 H4 battery x50 BMS 60A - … d4e70e8d45

Motor 90A 380Kv. - … 65w-1.html

100A ESC - … -ubec.html

Transmission - … 1305941096?

Nr. 2 Is the same as nr.1 but with this ESC

I talked to hobbyking support, and they said it was the only one i would use, since braking would harm the motor with regular ESC, And startup would be with pushing.

Nr. 3 which is the most expensive consists of a 10S configuration.

Motor -


LG 2500mah 18650 H4 battery x50


I think nr 3 is the best but im not sure. Im looking forward to your repies and help. i will be using the board for traveling on road and with max speed of 30-35 km/H

Go 10s, and use the Samsung 30Q battery for the most bang for your buck with 18650s. You won’t be sorry

Keep your kv under 200 for 10s.

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If i use under 200 it will go to slow. Why do you think i should use under 100

Why do you think 10S is better? Its also the most expensive solution

You Will hit the erpm limit with to Hugh kv

Change wheel pulley to 36T and buy some bigger wheels for example Kegels or flywheels. With 10s use 190kv motor so you don’t need to limit your vesc and lower kv should give some more torque.

Hi i bought a kit that has 48 teeth on the wheel and 15 on the motor so I have to use that. With that setup what would work best?

What is ermp kimit

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Are those HTD3 pulleys? Picture? And what kit do you mean?

erpm = electronic rounds per minute

I use this one for the motor.

and this system but of course not the motor pulley

With this kit you can use only 50xx motors. I think you should learn first other people builds so you don’t waste your money in wrong/bad parts.

You are right. But i plan on sawing off the egde of the motor mount if i choose to use a 60mm motor. But im just a bit confused about what i should get.

Lets begin, you can use 6s, it is cheaper, but less speed and less torque! If you use the Vesc you can’t use a 260kv motor with 10s, because the Vesc have a ERPM limit, if you pass it you can burn your vesc, so do the calculation, Battery Voltage (4.2 x Number of Cells) x KV x 7, if this pass 60k you will need to limit your Vesc in the BLDC tool and lose speed! My opinion is that you need to search a bit more man, there are some mistakes on your build, like, a 380kv motor won’t work nicely, it can run, but it will overheat and won’t have enough torque! If you want a cheap build do this

-245kv 6364 Sk3 -6s 5000mah 25c -Bms -Vesc -Switch and another things -Diyelectric Mechanical Kit

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Man, what is the 50xx motors mounting hole size? 25mm?

My APS 5065 was 30mm/22mm or something.

So It is like a 63mm, the 63mm is 30mm too

No it is not. But ofc it varies in some motors.

Hmm i would like to use 10S. but what motor should i use and can i make it with 15 teeth motor pulley and 48 teeth wheel pulley with 70mm wheels.

You could perhaps try this motor: