Help with Double Checking My BLDC setting for Dual Motor | 12s2p | 6355 190 KV | VESC 4.12

Hi everyone,

I’m starting my first DIY build with parts purchased from TorqueBoards. I will be running dual motor & dual VESC using CanBus. The parts are not here, yet. But I have been doing a lot of research and I want to get my BLDC settings down for each VESC to familiarize myself with it before my parts arrive.

I mostly built this board for long range distance and riding bike paths, a lot of sidewalks, and occasional hills. I’m pretty light weight, around 120lb. I prefer a mellow/gentle balance between torque and speed. I’m do not need insanely high speed or high torque (for now).

Main components from TB are:

  • 12s2p 18650 30Q battery pack (44.4V, 6Ah, 266.4Wh) with BMS (30A continuous / 80A Max)
  • VESC 4.12
  • 6355 190 KV
  • 16/36T
  • 12mm belt
  • Mostly likely ABEC 107mm or 90mm

The settings I have come up with for each VESC is:

Motor Max: 65A Motor Min: -60A Battery Max: 30A Battery Min (Regen): -8 Abs Max: 140

Min Input: 8V Max Input: 57V Battery Cutoff Start: 36V Battery Cutoff End: 33.6

Min ERPM: -60K Max ERPM: 60K Max ERPM at Full Break: 300 Max ERPM at Full Break in Current Control: 1500 “I Unchecked limit ERPM with negative torque”

Please let me know if these settings are optimal for my setup. Thank you to everybody in advance.

I recommend: Min Input: 36V Max Input: 60V

Not sure what the battery cutoff “start” and “end” are. :thinking:

No max input shouldn’t be changed to 60v, please explain why you would suggest this

I just don’t want the vesc cutting me off on a break spike. Idk, maybe 3v of difference means frying the drv, but I’d rather have the drv pushed to the limits to save you than giving up and leave flying down a hill. :butterfly:

Sorry didn’t realize it was 12s, 36 is fine for that, but max input should not be changed, its to protect the drv

The battery cutoff and start values were obtained from Ackmaniac’s reply here for 12s :

Would this be not the right config?

That’s what I had read as well. IIRC, Someone posted saying how Vedder said 57V is better for VESC…

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What would be the different in min input of 8v versus 36v in term of performance? How do I calculate min input?

Performance is the same, that’s the voltage the vesc will shut off at Min/max you can leave default 8/57

And just adjust battery cut start/end 38.4/36

Gotcha, thanks for the info!