Help with hollowing-out 3D model

So i’m finally down to the enclosure on my build… Its nearly finished, only need to find how to hollow it out. Cant seem to find it :confused:

Could someone hollow it out with 5mm thick borders for me ? please ? pretty please ? :blush: I made it in inventor, but i can export it to a different format if needed.

Try to use the shell function


Shell, Move surfaces, Create the enclosure body and then substract the inside, There are many ways to do it, you got it! Shell is definitely the easiest way

I tried it but i cannot get it to work for 5mm borders, i have to use 20mm…

Is there an offset function? Thats What i use in F360

That’s weird I swear I have made it thinner than that. I feel like a constraint might be doing something there but idk.

Could you possibly do it for me ? :smiley:

I’ve been tinkering again, somehow it does it on 1mm, 2mm and 3mm but not my desired 5mm arghhh haha

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hold on i’ll try in a few minutes

its because the flanges. i added 1mm to the thickness of both of them and was able to shell it

you gotta shell it before adding the flanges if you dont want the flanges to effect the shell


I assume the problem has been solved?

Nope, i just checked the model… first off, thank you for your effort, really appreciate it. But there are some weird circle thingies in that flanges.

Also, I might need some thicker borders to be able to print it in nylon…

It does’t let me open the file in Inventor, I’ve tried importing to Solidworks but still nope.

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Prob a dumb question, but just to be sure. Did you use the .ipt file ?

I just uploaded a model where i hollowed it out. Not sure if it is done well cause I resently began to work with inventor.

wmj259 I don’t know if this matters but maybe it is because it is made in 2018 version or something. I can open the file without any errors.


ooooh you want the flanges solid?

yea :smiley:

Thanks mate !

That maybe the reason, for some reason I have AutoCAD 2018 installed but Inventor is at 2016… :angry:

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I actually use designspark mechanical. Totally free and has a fully functional shell tool. Check it out.